I Heart…..

It has been a week full of ups and downs.  There have been a few aggravating moments sprinkled in the mix of humorous, light-hearted, ordinary, extraordinary, and quiet moments.  God has been very faithful in helping me to get past the moment of aggravation to the realization of blessing in spite, and sometimes, because of it all.

Here goes this week’s “I Hearts……”:

♥My OB appointment on Monday did not give us a more definitive due date {aggravating}, but it did give us a view inside of Little Man.  I have a new picture of him revealing he has the same fat cheeks Ms. Giggles (3) has.  He is healthy and almost 6 pounds!

♥I love, love, love the coaches Ms. Firecracker (10) has.  She is our competitive gymnast.  I can take any concern, question or idea to them and they will truly listen.  They will give feedback.  They are always looking to help her achieve her dreams.

♥We, all of the children and I, cleaned, organized, rearranged and scrubbed the Littles’ room.  It is now divided into a sleeping area, a playing area, and a dressing area.  They had such a blast helping to clean and organize.  Yay!

♥Little Man’s car seat arrived.  It really has brought home the realization of just how close we are to him making his grand entrance.

I cleaned out 3 bags.  Count them- 3!!

♥The sun has been shining so much this week.  I could actually step outside and feel it.  I closed my eyes and just soaked it up.  You know, kinda like a biscuit sopping up gravy.  *wink*

♥I finally cleaned off and organized my desk.  Yes, I reclaimed my desk, and now I can actually check school work, grade papers, plan lessons and make notes on my desk!

What happened to you to this week to make you smile?  What brought you a little joy?  What made you let loose and laugh until your sides hurt?

Always in God’s mighty hands,



One response to “I Heart…..

  1. We just had a big ole family belly laugh at a video of our pastor re-learning to skate after 20 years! I also had a really cute three year old boy with gorgeous eyes flirt with me. 🙂 Blessings on your new little boy!

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