4,792 Receipts, 3 Fortune Cookies and 1 Hair Stick

I just completed a major accomplishment, and I simply have to share it with you.

{Insert the Rocky theme here}

(I just won’t be running up any stairs, after all, I am in my final month of pregnancy!)

Where did I find fistfuls of receipts, old fortune cookies, a hair stick, multiple rolls of film, a dozen ponytail holders, umpteen pens and pencils, my lipgloss, change for our saving jars, and many other strange and fascinating things?  In my current diaper bag, an old diaper bag, and my old purse.   Ew.

I am going to admit something to you.  I have the horrible habit of getting a new bag or purse, just transferring my needed items into it, and tossing the old one into the closet or behind the door.  Sad, I know.  It is a flaw I am working on.

I cleaned out all three of them, and they are getting washed right now.  Yay!

One of the diaper bags is pink, girly, and going in the yard sale.  The other diaper bag is smaller, gender neutral, and can be used for the toddlers in the house when we head out the door.  I find a separate bag for the littles is much easier than trying to combine their items, my items, and baby items all in the same bag.  The third bag is a purse that Teacher M and I found while at Payless Shoe Source almost 2 years ago now.  I just adored it, and that does not happen very often with purses.  I am extremely picky.  I am very frugal.  The combination is devastating to finding new purses.  *sigh*

While you do not notice a big change in the house when you walk in, I feel a big change.  I know that there is less junk and trash to deal with.  I know more items are sorted and ready to go.  I know that one of my many flaws was tackled today, and I won!  Booyah!

It is amazing how something so simple and easy to do can make you feel so good and productive.

Have you tackled anything today that makes you feel better?

Always in God’s mighty hands,



5 responses to “4,792 Receipts, 3 Fortune Cookies and 1 Hair Stick

  1. That is fantastic. It’s amazing how that thing- how small it may seem to others- can change your whole outlook on the entire day – or week. Personally – I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I get even the smallest things organized. It is a huge feeling of relief & space. 🙂

  2. I tackled the kids rooms cleaning behind and under and in every nook & cranny. I also accomplished all of the laundry (11 loads)…washed, folded, hung/put away. Sorted through all of the kids clothes. Matched all the socks that were missing their mates and tossed the leftovers who were not so lucky to find a mate. Now I have lots more stuff in the yard sale stash. I really know what you mean when you say you can feel a big change after doing something that others may not even realize, it feels good to accomplish something doesn’t it ; )

    • It feels awesome! Mr. Muscles didn’t notice anything. LOL You can now open my bedroom door all the way because there is nothing back there!
      You accomplished tons! That is the kind of day that keeps you on the organizing “high” for a while. 🙂

  3. I am the same when I change ‘bags for caryying needed daily items’
    (cause they never really look like a ‘purse’)

    But, I seldom change out mine. BUT I did a couple weeks ago, because my Lime Green Mini Shoulder Slouch Backpack thingy needs to be washed. You have inspired me to get that thing WASHED today!!

    That feeling of a cleaner house- though it does not really look all that much cleaner to others- s a Love-Hate feeling with me…. and describes most of my days. I need a day where the house really DOES look cleaner.

    ** Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! We are done with blood spatter, for the most part. is a bit of a sad thing, but next if some forensic anthropology and I will enjoy that too, but getting to talk about/play with “blood’ is so fun….

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