I Heart……

Wow, it has been far too long since I have posted an “I Heart”!  There have been many fantastic things to happen lately, but I will try to narrow my list down to a managable and readable post.  *grin*

What has made me smile, given me joy, made me laugh or made my day?

♥We are finally starting to get prepared for Little Man’s arrival in February.  Mr. Muscles has ordered his carseat.  It is red!  I love the color red.  There are still diapers (cloth) to purchase, but I will get to that soon.  🙂

♥Ms. Firecracker competed in her first Optional meet, Flip Fest in Knoxville, TN, and came away with 2 new medals.  She rocked it out on beam with a 9.475!

♥Our dear friends from GA, Teacher M and Deputy W, will be visiting us during Little Man’s arrival.  Their friendship has truly been a blessing from God.  They are just some fun people!

♥Ms. Independent recently celebrated her 6th birthday.  I am amazed at how grown up she has become over that past year.  She is extremely petite in size, yet huge in personality.  She is a never-ending source of entertainment.  Now, if only we could get her to understand tact at her age.  🙂  LOL

♥Our homeschool room is steadily becoming more and more organized, cleaned and purged.  Mr. Muscles and the children have been a huge help in this gigantic task.  We are tackling it a few minutes and a small area at a time.  I hope to have it done by the time Little Man gets here.

♥Several new essential oils have arrived including:  pine, ginger and lemongrass.  Oh, the soap possibilities make my head spin.  🙂  Do you have any suggestions with these scents?  I also have several new clays that I can add to the mix for cleansing and interest.  I am ready to put my mad scientist hat on and create some soap!

♥On our way back from Knoxville, TN we took a little side trip through Lake Gunnersville State Park.  It was absolutely gorgeous and made every one of us more than ready for a late spring camping trip.  I am going to upload a few pics to Yes, They Are All Mine’s Facebook page.

♥My laundry room is clean, and the laundry baskets are almost empty.  See?  Miracles do happen!!

♥Ms. Giggles is having more and more dry nights in a row.  Oh, I cannot wait for the day of her crossing over to the list of “big girls who are dry all night, every night”!


What has happened recently to you to make you smile?  What has brought you joy?  What has made you laugh?

I would love to hear about it.  Your “I hearts” make me smile!

Always in God’s mighty hands,





3 responses to “I Heart……

  1. These are fantastic things for I Heart. How exciting. I would love to know more about the gymnastics- that sounds like a really cool thing she’s doing.

  2. My children bring me such joy and truly we laugh every day together. I am so blessed to have them. 🙂

    As for curriculum for 9th grade, I love Saxon Math. However, at our mom’s night out tonight, a couple of moms were talking about the Life of Fred math curriculum. They seemed to enjoy it. One mom’s son is in the 9th grade and he actually enjoys doing his math work. So perhaps you could check that curriculum out.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and visiting! 🙂

  3. I heart trying on dresses in a smaller size than I used to wear and having them fit! I recently lost 10% of my body weight doing Weight Watchers and today I went shopping for a dress for my 30th birthday. I could shop… in the MISSES SECTION! I didn’t have to shop in the woman’s section (which, God bless the department stores, most things in that section just look too matronly for an almost-30-year-old).

    I also heart my dear year old daughter who was SO good and patient in the dressing room with me. 🙂

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