This goes here, and that goes there.

As far as I am concerned, the area in most need of organizing is our homeschool room.  Desperate need.

If you are one of Yes, They Are All Mine’s readers, then you know that this has been a goal of mine for some time now.  I am very proud to say that Mr. Muscles and I have been steadily working on my goal.   Isn’t he wonderful?

We recently took opportunity of a day he had off to completely re-organize one of the shelves.  Let me tell you that this adventure has created a new love affair between me and a labeler.  LOVE IT!!   Mr. Muscles is completely okay with it and not threatened in the least bit.  As a matter of fact, I have seen him giving googly eyes to said labeler.  *wink*

The shelf we completely re-worked held all of our arts and crafts supplies, teaching helps, learning games, musical instruments, puzzles, the kids’ personal tubs and more.  Their personal tubs hold their favorite pencils, personalized papers, coloring books, stamps and such.  These are the items they do not want everyone messing with and using up.

I filled an entire trash bag with learning games that were missing pieces, glue that was dried up, markers that were missing lids, partially completed crafts with the rest of it having disappeared some time ago, dried up play-doh, and tons of other items that made me say, “Why in the world do we still have that?”.  When we finished we were left with usable arts supplies, ready-to-go crafts, and everything in its place.

The before of this particular shelf:

And here is the after:

And the beauty of the labeler:

I can’t help but sigh in satisfaction every time I see my shelf and all of those beautiful labels.

There are still 2 more shelves, my desk, 4 tubs and a few boxes, but hey, progress is being made here!  This was not just a step forward, it was a leap.  Very much a leap that makes me want to organize more, now!  It can be a little hard for me at 34+ weeks pregnant to get all that energetic about that much manual labor, but if anything is going to do it, it is this wonderfully organized and LABELED shelf.  *wink*

Are you way ahead of me with everything perfectly organized?  Don’t tell me.

Are you right there with me tackling much needed organization in your learning room.  You people I want to hear from!

LOL- Just kidding!  I love hearing tips from those who are already organized, those who are working on it, and those who dream of being organized.  You all help keep me going.  😀

For more homeschooling tips, tricks, insights, ideas and more, head over to The Homeschool Chick’s blog and check out the Hip Homeschool Hop. Fantastic people!

Always in God’s hands,



5 responses to “This goes here, and that goes there.

  1. oh, i am JEALOUS of your labeler – and your glue supply! 😉

    looks good!!!

  2. Oh you should sigh with COMPLETE satisfaction. Great job. I can always admire with great appreciation a good organized shelf. Love it! Makes me smile!

  3. It looks great – hope it stays that way for awhile. I get mine all set up and 2 days later it’s all undone!

  4. It looks fantastic! 2 ideas I think I am going to “steal” from you. 1 would be all the clear containers. What a great idea. 2nd, giving them each there own container for “special” things. LOVE IT!

    I can feel for you. Been there down that with being pregnant and trying to get things done. By 34 weeks I had to speeds—-stop and VERY slow. So I give you lots of credit for getting anything done.

    My baby will be 6 weeks old on Thursday. I am at the point that everything unorganized is driving me crazy but trying to find time to tackle a job can be tough (usually because the 16 month is right behind me destroying what I just did). But some day I will have a totally organized home……When all the kids are grown and moved out. And then I will be sitting there WISHING I had little ones to chase : )

  5. Good Work!
    (and that was a lot of glue!)

    thanks for stopping by my blog- don’t forget to check out our other Forensics Posts! (and keep an eye out for future ones)

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