You Capture!- Sweet

This week’s You Capture assignment, Sweet, was especially close to my heart.  Not only do I have a giant sweet tooth, not only am I a serious chocoholic, but I am also surrounded by the sweetness of my babies.  Don’t tell Ms. Serious (13) I called her my baby.  I will get a huge eye roll.  LOL

Let’s get this “sweet” train rolling, shall we.

My scrumptiously yummy dessert from O’Charley’s.  I think this is the kids’ favorite dessert there.  They always have their forks ready!


One of the tasty desserts at our church’s Hanukkah party.  There was a table full of different treats.  Many of them had pecans, so I couldn’t eat them.  Hubs sampled several for me.  LOL  He is such a sacrificing person. *wink*


What is sweeter than a little cupcake?


The always adorable, and incredibly sweet, Ms. Dimples (18 mo) wearing her cupcake jumper.  I have munched on those cheeks, and I can tell you that you have never tasted anything as sweet as they are.


She was determined to keep giving me her “mischievous” smile rather than show off her dimples.  Sigh.  Maybe next photo!

I am not sure you can handle more sweetness, but if that is what you are looking for then I suggest popping over to I Should Be Folding Laundry , and check out everyone who has linked up to this week’s challenge.  You are sure to get a craving!

While you are here, I would like to invite you to join in my Handmade Goat Milk Soap giveaway.  Not only will the winner receive some fantastic soap, but they will also be able to choose a friend, family member or loved one to receive some as well.  It’s a two-fer!!

My life through Christ,



9 responses to “You Capture!- Sweet

  1. What a sweetheart!! I love the cupcake jumper!

  2. Well yes… the cupcake is very cute and your “cupcake” is very sweet! Great work

  3. These are all very sweet captures!! The first dessert looks divine.

  4. Oh, how I miss O’Charley’s! (We just moved from GA to CT.) Love your captures! That picture of Ms. Dimples is just too precious and sweet! And…I had to smile when you mentioned the eyeroll. My oldest is almost 11, and I get that ALL. THE. TIME.

  5. Rhen, my mouth if looks so delicious and ms dimples..such a cutie, i just wanna give them cheeks a squeeze!!
    I would love for you to email me about Hanukkah, I love the idea of celebrating this to celebrate Jesus and not because we are Jewish, because we aren’t so I know nothing about it!!

  6. Do you deliver? I want some cake now 🙂

  7. I’m getting hungry looking at that yummy desert! Thanks for swinging by my blog, Tanner is really a good snuggler.

  8. She is quite adorable!! I love the title of your space here! (I only have 4 kids and so far have been asked once (when the baby was just born) if they were all mine. It was humorous!) Also? I think I may need some dessert now.

  9. yes, I’m all about the desserts too!

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