Drowning in Curriculum!

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in curriculum?

Geez, I do!  Let me SHOW you what I mean.

Here is our homeschool room at the moment.


You can add 3 big tubs of curriculum that are stored in the garage as well.

I told you, drowning!  LOL

When we moved into this house at the beginning of this summer, I tried to organize everything and make it easy to access.  It started out great, but over time, and as we have unpacked more items, everything has gotten a little disarrayed, stuffed and overwhelming.

It is time to purge and organize!

We are planning a mini-break this month, and my crew and I will be taking that time to go through everything!  I mean the books, the helps, the arts and crafts supplies, the school supplies, the experiments and projects, the tools, and every tub and drawer.

During this whole process, I have to consider that there are more children who are moving up through the grades.  While I can’t get rid of everything that I am not using right now, I can get rid of items I have multiples of, have never used, do not fit their learning styles, or items I have tried that just didn’t work for us.

This leaves me with a few questions for you.  Your answers will be a big help in reorganizing and finding “new homes” for items.

Do you organize by subject or grade?

Do you stick with one curriculum all the way through high school, or do you change your curriculum once they reach the 9th grade?

How do you organize your helps and learning tools to be able to access them when you need them?

How/ where do you sell curriculum and helps you no longer need?

Thank you for any help you can give me!

I will take and post pictures of how everything turns out.  I love getting a peek into other peoples’ homeschooling areas!

Did you participate in the Hip Homeschool Hop?  Leave me a link in a comment so I can come visit.

If you haven’t been over to the Hip Homeschool Hop yet make sure you do.  There are lots of great homeschool posts linked up as well as a giveaway!

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All for God’s glory,




7 responses to “Drowning in Curriculum!

  1. I wish I could be of more help but since this is my first year homeschooling, (and only one kid at that)I”m not drowning in curriculum yet! Good luck with your organizing. I too enjoy seeing other people’s homeschool rooms. I do have a homeschool room myself.

    Congratulations on #8. I think large families are great! We’re expecting #3 in March. I want 4. That’s plenty for me! :o)

    God bless!
    Oh, and I stopped by from HHH :o)

  2. I organize the homeschool stuff by subject on book shelves from Ikea. I try to include biographies and interesting books I find on history or geography or whatever. If I need to supplement I just walk to the shelf and grab a history book related to what we are looking at. As they age out of material it helps me to see it. Some books are so good that I keep them as a reference after they finish that grade. When I’m done with a book I usually try to sell it at a book fair, but sometimes I will give it to another homeschool family because I know they will love it like we do.

  3. Oh- so been there. I usually box used books separately from the worksheets. We pass the books down so the stuff that they write on is boxed & put into storage & the textbooks are kept a little closer for the next kid. My youngest is fortunate enough to get to write in all the workbooks so when those are done they just get put into the used section of the storage.

    I have a lot of teachers in my family so I get a lot of curriculum passed down. I am very grateful for it all. I take a good look at it and if it doesn’t meet what I think I will need I am quick to pass it along to someone who may want it. We tend to move more than most so I am frequently purging things with each time we pack. It really helps to keep the clutter & extra things to a minimum.

  4. I organize by grade, it makes it easier for me to look in the area that the grade is suppose to be and pick what I need.
    I haven’t hit high school yet, but I have used something different as needed and I figure as high school age approaches I will have to do the same. Gotta keep the kids interest level up and the boredoms down..so even if we find something we love and stick with it, we will add in some things to keep the interest peaked! I havent been homeschooling for long..so take that with a grain of salt! 🙂
    Helps and learning tools…I haven’t done it yet due to lack of materials and funds, but am planning on a workbox type system with drawers labeled for what they are.
    I have found curriculum on craigslist as it is free for the seller. Also list with homeschooling groups in your area and those close to your area. There is a site out there that you can list your things on and people contact you via email, but they do charge the seller.

    We are taking our education area from the living room into a bedroom (we moved some kiddos around and now we have 3 in each room) and we will now have a ton of options for organization. Now we just need bookcases and workbox drawers and work stations and comfy things to sit on in there. It will come and I will be patient.

  5. We just moved 3 weeks ago and stuff is just stuffed into a closet right now. After I recover some from having the baby I plan on going through it ALL and reorganizing EVERYTHING.

    There are somethings I will definitely keep like my Bob Jones reading program (I have many grades at this point, I like it, and plan on using it for all the little ones as they come up in grades).

    As for high school subjects: For me, I sell them because I have 5-6 grades (depending on the subject) between my oldest and the next one in line. At that point, I want to get updated books. With that said…once #2 starts high school I will have 3 in a row, one year after another. I will then use the same books. Then sell again after that last 1 and buy new again for the next crop since (again) there is 5 years.

    I like to sell my stuff on Ebay, usually in the summer.

  6. Drowning in curriculum, yeah I can relate. Fortunately I’m not over my head now, but I have been in the past. I don’t organize. After 12 years of homeschooling, I’ve learned to constantly reevaluate to see what works best for the kids. We’re pretty low key so instead of curriculum, we have lots of resources in the form of books, games, etc.

    Until July, we’d spent the previous 18 months living and traveling in a motor home and not a huge one with lots of storage. We had to get rid of tons of stuff or put it in storage. After that experience, I’ve gotten pretty good at determining what is necessary and what’s not. If we can get it at the library, I don’t need a copy. Unless it’s a favorite book. If I’ve had the same program for three years and keep thinking “one day…” that one day is past, I’ll pass it on to someone who can use it. We don’t have a lot of things yet, but for some reason, books still threaten to overrun us. Just yesterday I pulled two boxes out of storage to go through. I decided that I didn’t need an entire box so I’m posting them on freecycle. The first person that can pick them up gets them. Before I change my mind. 🙂

  7. I was drowning in curriculum up until last year when I did a major purge of it all. I was really ruthless and even though I worried that I would regret giving away some of the stuff I did, I haven’t missed it at all. It helped that all the stuff was the accumulation of many years, so I had a fair idea of what I tended to use and what I was keeping for ‘just in case’. Since we don’t use a lot of curriculum (much more unit studies/Charlotte Mason here), I just kept our English and Math books and a few resources that I regularly pulled out to use. Everything else? I gave it away.

    As far as storage, I also use big IKEA bookcases. Each child keeps their current years’ books in their own cubby, non-fiction books go in the other cubbies, and I keep curriculum we’re not using in the upper cubbies which I have to stand on to reach.

    Best wishes with your organization project. I found it painful at first, but was so pleased when I was done. Found you through the Hop.

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