101 Reasons I Love My Husband

Let me tell you what my man did this weekend.

He organized every bit of bathroom toiletries, medicines, bandaids, supplies and anything else that was in the bathroom and laundry room.  At one time I had everything organized into labeled tubs, but that had gotten messed up over time.  He threw out anything that was out of date, wiped leaked out medicine off of the bottles and tubs, reorganized it all even more and pared down enough to give me 2 tubs and some baskets to use elsewhere.

Doesn’t it just make your heart go pitter pat?!  It does mine!

That was a huge job that I don’t have to worry about doing any longer.  I can once again find everything easily.  If you could see me right now, you would see me doing a happy dance.  LOL

What do you love about your man?

All for God’s glory,



5 responses to “101 Reasons I Love My Husband

  1. I know that happy dance, I can imagine you doing it!! 🙂
    What do I love about my man…he supports me endlessly. If I think it is a good idea..he is right behind me. He always makes me think everything through and not just run with the “excitement” of the moment. He really does keep me on an even keel! I love that man!

  2. I really appreciate how you are so encouraging off your hubby. It encourages me to do the same… thanks! I love the fact that my husband does a great job of taking care of our finances in such a way that I can be home with our three boys.

  3. What I love about my man today is that he has spent the last eight years of his life (and the entire six years of our dating relationship and marriage) getting a good education. He’s worked tireless hours on his undergrad and Master’s degrees, and after all that hard work and sacrifice, he graduates on Sunday! Yeah!

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