Blue Thoughts Are Taking Over!

I don’t mean “blue” as in sad.  I am talking bouncing, baby boy blue.

After 5 precious, little girls in a row, the pink had fully taken over in this house.  I really do mean TAKEN OVER!

I am already not a fan of pink.  I can tolerate a few shades of it, but my family, *ahem mom*, took full advantage of the fact we were having girls, and everything ended up being pink.   We have pink bedding, clothing, shoes, socks, hats, seats, dolls, diapers, diaper covers, blankets, pacifiers, hairbows, coats, jackets, and more.

Every time we have been blessed with a new pregnancy I pull out the little baby clothes, sort through them, take out the oldest stuff that is stained and worn, and make sure we have what we need.  After 5 baby girls in a row, the boy clothing has been taken down to pretty much nothing.  I have a handful of items that range from newborn to 9 months.  Not really enough.  LOL

Now, I get to shop for manly clothing.  Yes, manly!  Every time I am in a store I find myself in the baby section oohing and ahhing over all of the tiny, precious baby boy outfits.  The boy selection has really grown since we were blessed with Young Man 12 years ago.  Thank goodness!

While I have been taking plenty of time to look over cute outfits for Little Man, I have purchased only one.

One!  That gives something like, oh, I don’t know, FIVE for him.

I have been feeling like I have plenty of time left.  As if I have months and months and months left in this pregnancy to plan, purchase, organize, and prepare.

It was Ms. Lovebug (8) who brought reality crashing in on me last week.  She asked me, “When is he going to get here?”.  I looked around, slightly confused, and asked her, “Who?”.    She rolls her eyes at me, and with an exasperated tone asks me, “When will I have a little brother?”.  Oh, duh!  That is when it hit me.  We had only 15 weeks left.  As of this week, we only have 14 weeks left.  Where in the world did the time go?

It seems like only yesterday I was looking forward to being 16 weeks pregnant so I could finally move past the supposed-to-just-be-morning-but-it-is-really-all-day sickness.  Now, we are in our third trimester.  The doctor appointments are becoming more frequent.  Clothing that fits is becoming harder and harder to find in my closet.  I am thinking of resorting to wearing some of Mr. Muscles shirts periodically!

Between now and Little Man’s due date of February 24th, I have 2 birthdays, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years, Ms. Firecracker’s (10) optional gymnastics competitive season, and getting ready for his arrival.

I think it is time to start getting what I will need for Little Man.  Let’s get a little forward progress going here!

I have picked out a bedding set, or three, that I really like.

I love the little construction theme.  Fits Daddy (Mr. Muscles) perfectly.  LOL

The whole ocean theme is great, too.  Our family loves the beach!

Or, maybe something a little wild, like the zoo or jungle!  Appropriate, don’t you think?!


The themes we have used for our other children are:  Disney, green, farm, teddy bears, stars/ moons and bears, pink gingham w/ flowers, and pink with lady bugs.  There has been plenty of pastel and light colors used so far.  I know I want Little Man’s bedding to bright and fun, but there are so many great choices!  Decisions, decisions.

What theme did you choose for your little one?

Blessed by God,



4 responses to “Blue Thoughts Are Taking Over!

  1. Ohhh- I had my boy first and at the time I didn’t like the color pink too much. With him- I was so young that I was still in the “I love Winni the Pooh” stage. My whole room was Pooh when I was a baby, I loved it my whole life – so we integrated a lot of the vintage stuff into his room to make it more “boy”. When my first girl came along I wasn’t entirely on board with the girly stuff- I wanted a sophisticated, elegant, Victorian feel. By the time the second girl was here it was all about how I could make the crib & toddler bed match & make it super cute. I had found identical fabric for both in a purple floral.

    If I was lucky enough to be blessed with another baby- I would choose the fire truck theme for a boy. I didn’t get nearly enough years of that- my son’s interests changed frequently. There are a lot more fire themes now than there were nearly 13 years ago. If we had another girl- I don’t know- maybe a pretty toile.

    So excited to hear all the new updates as the weeks pass on by. How exciting for you & your family.

    See you next post!

  2. I love the construction theme! It’s so cute yet not too babyish to be used for quite awhile.
    And yes, I am so glad there are lots of adorable boy clothes now! When I look through bags of hand-me-downs from friends whose kids are only a few years older than mine I’m so sad what little boys had to wear!!! I like clothes that make them look like little men, not dressed up baby boy dolls!

  3. Time is going to fly!! Especially with all that you have going on. I can’t believe I am only 16 days away from my scheduled c-section. I did have to go to the hospital last week for them to stop contractions that were coming every 2-4 minutes apart. On bedrest now.

    Last year when I had my son we picked a safari theme. Since the boys are going to be so close in age and sharing a room we will continue with the theme. I am not sure if we will be getting the same set or a different one that matches.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love all those options for bedding! And yay for blue! 🙂

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