Fun w/ Stained Glass and No Band-aids!

Oh my goodness, two days in a row of crafts and craft posts.   Hold onto your socks, it’s getting crazy ’round here!

Today, the kids and I made stained glass Thanksgiving cards for our friends and family.

I have another blogger to thank for this idea, but I cannot for the life of me remember who.  So, thank you, whoever you are.  We had a blast doing this today!

You will need crayons, a handheld pencil sharpener (or two), card stock,  a pencil, wax paper, scissors, an iron, a thin hand towel or washcloth, and glue or glue dots.

I used card stock to make our cards.  You can use construction paper, but it is not very stiff and can have a hard time looking good when we are done.

Some of our shapes I free-handed, while others were traced.  We cut out each of the shapes from the folded card stock.

Here are our cut outs.

Next, you will need to shave different colors of crayons.  I recommend the little handheld pencil sharpeners from the Dollar Tree.  Don’t use your nice ones!

To make the stained glass you will arrange the crayon shavings on the wax paper in any style that you like.  It can be in color sections or all mixed together.  I highly recommend you vary your colors with light and dark.  Too much dark will make your “stained glass” look like a brown blob.  Not the effect we are going for!

Fold the wax paper over the top of the crayon shavings.  Lay the thin hand towel, or the washcloth, over the top of the wax paper and iron through it.  Iron long enough for the crayon shavings to melt into each other a bit.  Don’t keep the heat on it too long.  It will make the shavings so gooey that they come out of the edges of the wax paper.

Next, you will trim and glue the wax paper to fit in the card so it shows through your cutout.  I used glue dots.  They are clean, easy and do not make the paper wrinkled with that wet-glue-that-has-dried-and-made-the-paper-look-all-wrinkly look.  You know what I am saying!

To give us more writing space inside, I also cut matching card stock and used glue dots to cover the wax paper on the inside of the card.  We then wrote Ephesians 5:20 on the inside cover, “and giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The kids each took turns to help writing “Happy Thanksgiving” on the front of the cards and the above verse on the inside.  We topped it all off by signing our names.

It was a lot of fun, but you need to make sure you give an ample amount of time.  This is not a twenty minute craft, but well worth it.

I hope our family and friends enjoy the cards half as much as we enjoyed making them!

Have you been doing any Thanksgiving crafts?

All in God’s love,


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4 responses to “Fun w/ Stained Glass and No Band-aids!

  1. I just LOVE the craft above and will be doing it with my children very soon. You guys did some beautiful work, I hope ours turn out as nicely as yours did. Oh…. I wanted to let you know that I am enjoying my soaps so much : ) Thanks again for your generosity with the giveaway, it continues to bless me each day!!

  2. Cute idea! I’m probably too late to do this with my younger crowd, but it would be fun for next year.

  3. OMGosh, how adorable is that? I love it, I’ve bookmarked it! 🙂

  4. I LOVE this craft. We have soooooo many buckets full of half used up crayons that would be perfect for this. So happy you visited my blog & we are now connected. I will be printing this craft & having some fun with the kids later. Thanks!

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