I Heart…

Yay!  Its Friday, and that means it is “I Heart” time.  🙂

I look forward to writing this post all week long.  I find myself looking around with an appreciating eye at more and more.

What is “I Heart”?  It is when we take the time on Friday to look back at the good things from the week.  Those good things that may be some yummy treat, a quiet moment with your kids, a heart-fluttering moment with your honey, a good deed, a beautiful sight or anything that made you smile.

This week “I Heart”:

♥Some great finds at the local thrift store including a great coat and jeans for Ms. Serious (13) and an outfit and a sweater for Ms. Independent (5).

♥Seeing Ms. Firecracker (10) not only perform her back handspring- back layout beautifully but with flair!

♥Watching the older kids play with the Littles and having a great time.

♥At least one night of really good sleep!

♥Getting some Fall and Thanksgiving decorations up.

♥Encouraging emails from another blogger that really helped my to focus on God.

♥Great bible studies with the kids.  I love it when they ask questions, give opinions and even insights!

♥A doctor appointment where I was able to hear Little Man’s heartbeat strong and clear.  Everything is going great.  You can read about my week 24 update HERE.

Young Man’s birthday cake (he is almost 12) turning out fantastic.  He loved it!


Those are some of the moments this week that made me smile, sigh and just enjoy being a part of.

So, what did you “heart” this week?  What made your week better?

Always in God’s mighty hands,




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