Pregnancy #8- Week 24

As I type this, Little Man is steadily trying to kick the computer off of my lap.

It is always amazing just how fast the middle months of my pregnancies seem to go.

I am definitely rounded and very pregnant but not so much that I cannot get up by myself, that I take up enough space for 3 people, that I am cumbersome even when standing or that I have to roll around like a beached whale to get out of bed.  I m still pretty good on all of that.  For the moment.  LOL

His movements are getting stronger.  Mr. Muscles can feel them in his back when we are in bed for the night.

Little Man protests anything that pushes in on my stomach.  AT ALL!

I am surprised that I have no cravings.  Does this mean that he is a take-it-easy kind of baby and will be a relaxed, happy and not demanding baby when he gets here?  LOL  Or, is that just wishful thinking.  *grin*

I have a doctor appointment today.  I am finishing up week 24 and get the immense joy of taking the blood glucose test.  {insert a woo hoo here that is laced with sarcasm}

It is not that I dislike the BGT, but it is the way this particular doctor’s office is administering it.  Usually my doctor sends it home with me to drink one hour before my appointment time.  Unfortunately, my appointment is the last one of the day, and I have to fast all day for the BCT.  Then, I have to drink it in their office, wait an hour in their office, get my blood drawn, and complete my appointment by finally seeing the doctor.

Doesn’t come across all that efficient, does it?

Fasting all day?  Oy vey!

I may be a little grumpy by the time my 3:00 appointment comes around.  Just putting that warning out there!

I have a picture to share with for the week.

Mr. Muscles took it during our trip to Fort Toulouse for Pioneer Days.  {ps- we had an awesome time, and you can see a whole bunch of pictures here}

And here is one of my looking at you.  LOL  Hi!

This week for Little Man:

He is really growing!  He is approximately a foot long and over 1 pound.  His body is a lot more proportionate with no fat yet, but that will start to gather as he fills out and the weeks go on.

His lungs are developing branches, and his brain is growing quickly.  His ears are fully working now.  Mr. Muscles has been talking to him as well.  I wonder if it sounds like someone talking underwater.  Ever listen to someone do that in a pool.  Weird!  LOL

I am ready to hear a strong heartbeat and a good report from my doctor this afternoon!

So, how are things going for you so far this week?  🙂

Don’t forget, tomorrow is “I Heart” time!  I have been working on my post of all of the little, or big, things this week that have made me smile, made me laugh,made my week better or just made my moment.   I encourage you to join me!

Always in God’s mighty hands,





2 responses to “Pregnancy #8- Week 24

  1. Look at that sweet baby bump! Hi baby!! 🙂

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