Cool Civil War Cake!

How do I know that the Civil War cake I made for Young Man falls into the range of coolness?

Because he said so!

Specifically he said, “Wow!  Cool!”.

See?  Coolness.  LOL

This is a deliciously spicy Cardamom cake.  It is an easy peasy recipe found on the side of the Cardamom spice bottle.  I made it for Ms. Serious’ last birthday, and it was a huge hit.  It is also heavy enough for layered decorating and takes punishment.  *grin*

I made one 10″ pan and two half ball pans.

I trimmed the half ball cakes so that they would follow the outside edge of the cake and so they would not look like perfect domes.  A dollop of my buttercream icing secures each one in place on top of the 10″.  Notice I gave one hill something of a face, or “drop-off” edge while the other eases down.  I prefer things not to be too neat.

I colored the rest of my icing green and did a good crumb layer over the whole thing.  After giving it just a little time for the buttercream to set a bit, I covered the rest of it in grass.  This part took the longest of the decorating.  I stopped a few times to give my hands rest.

I gave the stream a little bit wider of a bed than it was actually going to take up.  After I applied the edible gel, and swirled it a bit with a spoon to make it look more like water, I then went along the edge with the grass tip so the stream would be blended in.

I made the trees out of fondant.  Simply roll it in a general evergreen tree shape (cone), and then, use a pair of scissors to cut into the trees from the top down.  This will create the look of boughs or branches.  Do not go in straight lines down the tree.  Try to be a little sporadic.  It looks a lot better.  I used toothpicks to secure the trees in place.

Lastly, I added little Civil War soldiers.  I bought these at Hobby Lobby and they are the perfect size as they are for dioramas.  They are the only decoration that was not edible.  He was able to keep these for the diorama of a Civil War battle he will be building for history.  Bonus!

There ya go!   An easy civil war cake.  🙂  Happy decorating!

Always in God’s mighty hands,



2 responses to “Cool Civil War Cake!

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! 😉

  2. 1. I love Hobby Lobby. It is second to my ultimate love for Target!
    2. Great Idea! Very impressed with cake!
    3. You know you have reached ultimate “coolness” when your sweet guy says anything is “cool” that his momma makes!!

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