Its I Heart Time!

I love ending the “official work week” with my I “heart” post.

It gives me the opportunity to look back and appreciate all of those things that made me smile.

This week had its up and downs, but there were a few sparkling moments that I want to share.  🙂

I “heart” :

♥Fantastic finds at a local thrift store.

♥Watching the oldest 6 of the 7 play Go Fish together.  Hilarious!

♥An older gentleman who was so delighted by our family {we were seated next to him in a restaurant} that he bought all 7 kids and myself dessert.  Not the first time that has happened.

♥My new clays and powders arrived so I can give my soaps tantalizing twists, fun features and more mania!!  🙂

♥Relaxing time with Mr. Muscles on my porch swing.

♥The big girls {Ms. Serious-13, Ms. Firecracker-10, Ms. Lovebug-8) finally got their closet cleaned and ORGANIZED.  Miracles do happen!

♥Getting to bed at a decent hour almost every night.

So, what do you “heart” from this week?  Anything new happen?  Anything wonderful?  I would love to hear about it.  If you write an “I Heart” post please put your link in a comment, or just write what you heart in a comment!

Amazingly blessed by God,


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3 responses to “Its I Heart Time!

  1. I love finding great things at the thrift store. I try to make it to the Goodwill once a week just to look 🙂


  2. I love finding 100 year old books at the goodwill clearance center.
    I love getting a great letter from the person I did a catering event from.

  3. I heart getting to bed at a decent hour as well!! It’s the little things, right?!

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