Supermom? Nope, Wrong Address!

I  have experienced a case of mistaken identity many times.  You know, that is when someone mistakes me for Supermom, or Superwoman, or someone really impressive like that.

My natural reaction is a confused look and the reply, “Me?  No way!  It sure would make errand running a lot more interesting though!”.

It would seem that the more children you have the more likely people are  to misidentify you.

You see, if I was Supermom I would get everything right the first time.  My house would be perfectly clean and show-ready at all times and so much more.

I am sure that Supermom would not consider egg sandwiches and fruit to be a complete dinner.  She would have a dinner that properly covered all of the food groups to provide optimal nutrition for her completely perfect family!

I am sure that Supermom would never leave a dry and ready to be put away load of laundry in the dryer overnight because she was too tired to fold them before bed.

Supermom would never let any of her children leave the house with a dirty face and not realize it until they got into the store.

Supermom would never let her fans get nasty and rain down dust on everyone.

Supermom would not eat two pieces of Hub’s made from scratch Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake in one day.  And those pieces would not be a little large.

Supermom’s children’s rooms would be perfectly organized and clean, and there would be no dirty clothes hiding in places that requires the sniff test to find.

Supermom would not shamelessly ask people to like her Yes, They Are All Mine FB page.  *wink*

Supermom’s van would always be clean and toy-free.   *sigh*

Supermom would not stay up way too late reading blogs, twittering, and facebooking, and then, have to drag herself out of bed the next morning.

I would keep going, but I don’t want you thinking too badly of me!  🙂

I have to confess that far too often those cases of mistaken identity will pop up and influence the way I see myself.  There are times I will expect perfection from myself.  Sometimes, I will get upset with myself for not doing all that Supermom would be able to do.  Periodically, I will set my day according the Supermom standards, fail miserably, and then have to have a good talking to with myself.

Do you ever find yourself combating the whole mistaken Supermom identity thing?

Does it creep into your daily life?

Let me tell you, that cape is not mine nor, do I want it.

I will continue to try to better myself, become more organized, be more on top of things, and, one day, maybe even be a step ahead at times.

But, it seems that Mr. Muscles and our crew like me just the way I am.  Craziness and all!

Thank goodness, because I really enjoyed both of pieces of Mr. Muscles’ cheesecake yesterday.  🙂

In God’s Hands,



2 responses to “Supermom? Nope, Wrong Address!

  1. Well, it sounds to me that you are indeed a superwoman! Forget the stupid cape. Anyone that can do all that you do, deserves a Mom Medal. I have 4 children and completely lose my mind. My fans have dust, I leave the clothes in the dryer, and egg sandwiches and fruit sound DELICIOUS for dinner! We are all supermoms in our own unique way. I bet your kids think that you are the icing on the cake. Go on with your bad self girl! God bless you. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad I can stop hiding behind my cape and admit I am NOT supermom!!!!

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