Pregnancy #8, Week 23

I can’t believe it is already week 23 of this pregnancy.

Mr. Muscles and I were sitting on the front porch swing last night winding down a bit and talking.  I commented that I feel like I was just in that throwing-up-all-the-time-and-can’t-get-anything-done-because-of-it stage.  Now, here we are at more than halfway there!

I realize February is going to get here faster than I am ready for it to.  🙂

This week Little Man is roughly 9-10 inches long and weighs about a pound.  Wow!  Such big growth happening over the past couple of weeks.

He can now hear what is going on around him as well.  I have often wondered if our new babies recognize everyone’s voices or just Mr. Muscles’ and mine.   It really seemed at though Ms. Dimples (18 m0) knew everyone when she got here.

Little Man is also moving around a lot.  Everyone has felt him kicking and punching as well as seen it.  Ms. Giggles (3) is fascinated.  LOL  It gives me the heebie jeebies whenever he is pushing around by my incision scar.  *shudder*   It just feels weird!

I am trying to work in exercise every day.  Some days I just forget about it all together.  Sad, I know.  My goal is to keep my tush from getting the size of my belly.  It hasn’t worked on the other 7 pregnancies, but hey, maybe it will this time.   *insert huge eye roll here*  LOL  I am going to try though!

On a personal note, I have been having a difficult time lately with a few things, and these hormones are making it a lot worse.  I had Mr. Muscles worried on Saturday.   {Sorry sweetie!}  I am praying a lot and trying hard not to get too overwhelmed by it.  Sometimes the things inside of your head and heart can be so strong and difficult to work through.

I have two pictures to share with you for week #23.  One is at home, and the other is at O’Charley’s.  More about that trip coming up on Wednesday!  🙂

There was great accomplishment on the pre-baby front around here this weekend.  I went through the newborn, 3-6 month and 6-9 month clothing.   I was able to find a handful (literally) of gender neutral items, but almost every bit of it was all girl.  LOL

I took out the nicest looking winter stuff to take to a local consignment store.  The rest I am selling in a yard sale we are having in a few weeks.   I still have the 12 month stuff to go through.  That is all I can do until Ms. Dimples (18 mo) outgrows the 18 month size.  🙂

We are also making our short list of names.  We have decided to save announcing his name until he is born.  Dramatic, huh?

Well, it is Monday and I have to get my crew focused.  In addition to our normal schoolwork I need to make a batch of soap, do a load of laundry or two, load the stuff for the consignment store in the van, get my grocery list/ meal list together and start a few post drafts that are tumbling around in my head.

Have a fantastic and blessed Monday!


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6 responses to “Pregnancy #8, Week 23

  1. How are you still so little, and it’s your 8th pregnancy?! You look great. 😉
    We’re not positive on a name for our lil guy in utero, but we may also wait to share the name. First time we’ve done that.
    Good job going through baby clothes! I need to do that.

  2. You look fabulous!
    I feel like once I hit the 20’s for pregnancy it just flew by. Today I am 33 weeks. I am having a scheduled c-section on December 10th. Now I feel like time won’t slow down long enough for me to get everything done that I need to.

  3. You look stunning!! I don’t think I ever looked that good in any of my 10. And you are so right, Feb will be here so quickly! Enjoy your pg

  4. I have that same maternity blouse – one of my absolute faves! You look amazing.

  5. Congrats! I’m also pregnant with number 8, just a couple weeks behind you (I’ll be 20 wks on friday)- fun stuff, babies are always such blessings!

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