Its I “Heart” Time!

It is Friday and that means that it is I “heart” time.

Time to look back over the week and remember the things that made us smile, tasted great, worked well, made our day better or  were just plain out fantastic!

What did I “heart” this week?

♥  Dinner with 6 of the 7 kids at O’Charlies for under $19.00.  Score!

♥  Making a gift registry for the online baby shower family and friends are hosting for us.  Oh, all the cute baby boy items!

♥  Finding 2 adorable maternity shirts at an “upscale” thrift store for almost nothing.  🙂

♥  Reconnecting with an old friend on Facebook.

♥  Homemade peanut butter cookies made by Ms. Serious (13)

♥  Mr. Muscles getting to feel Little Man kick him.  *mushy sigh*

♥  Thursday morning’s bible study with the kids.  We chose ch.4 and verse 4 from 5 random books and studied on those.  They loved it!  Such a variety and yet all ties together.


So, what do you “heart” from this week?  Anything new happen?  Anything wonderful?  I would love to hear about it.  If you write an “I Heart” post please put your link in a comment!

Amazingly blessed by God,


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3 responses to “Its I “Heart” Time!

  1. Beautiful. 🙂
    And what a deal at O’Charley’s! I wish we had one near us.
    I heart feeling my baby move, and my hubby also feeling him move. 🙂
    I heart my 1st grader having such a great week, and then brining home an excellent report card to top it off. I’m so proud of him.

    I heart the one-on-one time I had w/ my 3yo today.
    I heart my hubby being so awesome this week, esp when I was feeling in a funk.

    Good husbands are such blessings!

  2. Having a friend call and follow up with me after Bible study yesterday. I really needed that!

  3. What amazing deals you found this week!

    I heart the sweet note from my oldest daughter stuck in my carry on.

    I heart all the extra hugs, kisses and snuggled from all my babies last night. Makes leaving a bit easier.

    I heart simple airports. Helps with my anxiety.

    I heart finding the $ to fly home to say goodbye to my Gram.

    I heart apple cider and pumpkin pie! Yum!!

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