You Capture! ~Autumn

This week’s photography challenge from Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry is Autumn.

Then she said to be creative.  Oy.  Creative?  I will try my best.

So, I pondered (yes, pondered *wink*) what Autumn says to me.  What do I think of when I picture Autumn in my head?

Well, here are a few things that make me feel like Autumn is here, taste Autumn, smell Autumn and know Autumn.

It is time to switch from my homemade Starbucks cold coffee drink to some creamy, frothy, oh-so-chocolaty hot chocolate.

Love this mug.  We got it at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in Panama City at one of Ms. Firecracker’s (10) out-of-state meets.  Had.  A.  Blast!

Autumn is also time for ……. wait for it……. FOOTBALL!  I love football.  🙂  It can be college football (Roll Tide!), NFL (Go Pack, Go!) and the best yet……… backyard football.  🙂

There are piles of leaves to play in…

And there are beautiful colors everywhere.  These are just a few places I pass while running the kids to practice.  A few motorists gave me funny looks for stopping and grabbing my camera.   I’m okay with that!  *wink*

Thank you for stopping by!

Always in God’s mighty hands,



You can see more great You Capture by popping over to I Should Be Folding Laundry.  Why not join in?  Beth’s challenges are a lot of fun!

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7 responses to “You Capture! ~Autumn

  1. Hot chocolate is so perfect for autumn – hot chocolate at a backyard football game? Perfect. 🙂

  2. That old barn is perfect, what a great picture!

  3. I wish I had those sights around me while out running around

  4. I am in love In Love IN LOVE with the barn shot!

    oh and football IS fall

  5. Ohhhhhh yes hot chocolate! One of my favorites! Wish I would have snapped pictures of the 5, yes 5 pumpkin desserts I made this week!! So yummy but oh so not good forva certain cholesterol problem.

  6. beautiful photos!! particularly the one of the house. I had one near me that looked really similar and always wanted to stop to take photos but it (and a couple acres of orange groves) was torn down to put up 1/2 million dollar estate homes. I was sad to see them go. The smell from the orange trees was amazing and I always thought the house was beautiful despite it being abandoned and very old.

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