A Full Wednesday

I am going to multitask my Wednesday posts.  How?  I am combining my not-so-wordless, and maybe even a little word-full post with my WFMW post.   I haven’t been participating in WFMW much lately, but our camping trip and outdoor adventures inspired me to share a little something.  🙂

Let’s start with my Word (full, less) Wednesday.

Why this picture?

I chose to share this shot because she had taught herself to ride just two days before we went on our October camping trip.  The girl was taking hills!

This is our Ms. Independent (5)!

My Works For Me Wednesday tip:

We are an outdoor, adventurous and active kind of family.  When we are out and about, at a state park, a local park, fishing, or whatever, we like to take healthy snacks.  Some ideas would be granola, trail mix, dried fruit and other non-messy/ non-liquidy items.  I used to carry them in little sandwich baggies labeled for each kid.  You can go through a lot of bags rather quickly that way.  Especially if you have 7 kids.  Not cost efficient or resource efficient!

My solution?  We started using the plastic refillable water bottles.  You know, the ones with the large screw on lids.  What I love is that the bottles are washable, and the kids do not have to touch the food with hands that may be less than clean from our adventures.  *ahem*  They can open the top, shake a few into their mouths and be able to secure the lid back on.  Very easy!  I love easy.

I use this for everyone except the youngest (18) months.  She is going to touch everything anyway, and she would just dump them on the ground.  🙂

Do you have any tips to share?  You can inspire others or be inspired by popping over to We Are That Family.

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Blessed by God,


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PPS- “I heart…” time is coming up on Friday.  Are you thinking about the things that you have seen, heard, experienced, tasted, etc. this week that you just “heart”?


2 responses to “A Full Wednesday

  1. I love the tip about the water bottles. What a great way to reuse them. IT looks like it was a great day to ride at bike.

  2. What a great idea!! We go through so manyvplastic bagsnin this house. Great solution, we have tons of water bottles from verious team sports and charity runs!

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