I am rebelling!

Hello dear friends!

I woke up this morning in that to-do list state of mind.   You know the one.  We wake up with that list of all the things we need to accomplish today, and maybe even this week, running like movie credits through our brain.

I am rebelling!  I have always been a bit of a rebel.  Today, I have decided to rebel against my week being defined by a giant list of the normal tasks such as:

2-3 loads of laundry

mop the kitchen floor

make a batch of soap

oil the wood in the living room

clean off my teacher’s desk

and so on, and so on.


This whole week I am going to try to change my “list” and my focus.

I am going to call my new list the Rewards For Being a Mom items and it will go something like this:

one on one snuggle time with each kid that doesn’t deem themselves to “old” for such things (and chase down and snuggle the ones who think they are anyway)

write a note to each of them telling them what I appreciate about them

spend some time behind my camera capturing their smiles and antics

help them to learn/ understand something brand new today

share a treat with them from some fantastic little bakery

take them on a field trip to a state park

help them to understand the finer points of Monday Night Football over a bowl of homemade popcorn

stop by a thrift store and see what treasures we can find.


Yes, all the other stuff will get done.  All of that to-do list and so much more than you would ever care to read about.  But, it is not going to define my week.  It is not going to define my accomplishments.

My week will be defined by the memories created, the smiles on our faces, the laughs and the joyful sounds of our family being our family.

What joys are looking to experience this week?

Always in God’s mighty hands,



7 responses to “I am rebelling!

  1. I like the way you rebel ! Your new list is so much more fun to accomplish. This week, I am looking forward to the joy of doing leaf rubbings with the kids, baking fall sugar cookies and watching them frost & decorate, taking a trip to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm & taking pumpkin patch pictures, visiting Amicalola Falls to see the leaves changing colors, and making decorations for our car for the trunk or treat at church. Gonna be a fun week :0)

    • Amicalola is gorgeous this time of year! I am looking to take my kiddos to a local pumpkin place for pictures, and because I want some pie pumpkins. I am also going to take them to a state park that is near here. We went with Mr. Muscles in September. What a beautiful place. Have a great week!

  2. I am going to spend at least 10% of every day on Jesus! Reading the Word, praying, worshipping, praising. Do you know how much you can get done while singing praise at the top of your lungs? LOTS! LOL

    • Amen, girlie!! We start our days with a bible study. What a great way to get our day focused the right way. It makes for a better day, a day with a more positive attitude, a day that flows better and a day where I feel more equipped to deal with the ups and downs. 🙂
      Miss you tons!

  3. my lists sound much like both of yours! =)

  4. I know exactly what you mean I woke up the exact same way. Our in-laws are due to arrive Thursday, and my list is HUGE. But I decided to sit on the floor and chat with my kids this morning after breakfast rather than run around at breakneck speed getting all the chores started. I’m so glad I did. We ended up with a wonderful prayer time. Then we all soaked our feet while watching a science video. 🙂 Not usually my idea of produtive, but the day has run much more smoothly since then.

    I like the object lesson I saw once of a pile of big rocks and small pebbles that you are trying to fit into a jar. If you put the small pebbles in first, you won’t have room for all the big rocks. But if you start with the big ones (the important things), the pebbles will fall into place. That has been my motto this week: start with the big rocks! 😉
    (sorry this is so long my first time commenting here. I’ve enjoyed your blog so far…came from heritage acres homestead)

  5. Rewards for being a mom!! I love this! I may have to steal some of your ideas!

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