It is I “Heart” Time!

What is I “Heart” Time?

It is that time when we look back over the past week and focus on all the things we ate, did, saw, felt and thought that we just loved.  The things that made you smile.  The things that made your week go smoother.

My I Hearts for this week are:

A tasty treat at Starbucks.

Dinner made by Mr. Muscles

A bathtub cleaner that is truly a “green” product and works like a dream!

Two new batches of soap made.

Kids and Mr. Muscles actually getting to see Baby Boy move in my belly.  Awesome moment.

Seeing Ms. Firecracker (10) accomplish her giant with flyaway dismount w/o help.

Beautiful Fall temperatures and views.

Adorable notes from Ms. Lovebug (8) just to let us know she loves us.


How about you?  What do you “heart” from this week?

In the mighty hands of God,



2 responses to “It is I “Heart” Time!

  1. I like how you focused on the positive things of the week. I know I focus too much on the negative instead.

    Have to ask……which bathtub cleaner did you use?

  2. Me too! I want to know about the bathtub cleaner! Especially if it works with really hard water!

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