Things I Love Thursday- Gorgeous Stained Glass Sign

I know, three posts in one day is a lot to keep up with but let’s just say that I Love Him and Orange is awesome!!

Now, I want to show you all something that I just love.

This gorgeous stained glass sign hangs in our hallway and lights the way up the stairs.

I didn’t show you the whole thing as it is our last name.

Our sign was handmade by my stepmom in one of my two favorite colors.  The glass is just such a vibrant green when you turn it on (it is in a case and lit up from behind).  You can really see all the details in the glass, the swirls, the different shades.

It is not small either.  It is approximately 4 inches deep, 6 inches wide and over 2 feet tall.

One day, when we have our own home again, Mr. Muscles is going to create an niche in the wall to hang our sign in.  Then, he will connect the outlet to a switch so we can easily turn it on.  I am thinking in an entryway would be lovely so it can warmly welcome all we invite into our home.

Do you have something that you just love?  Pop over to The Diaper Diaries and link up, or just take a little time to visit others who have.

Always in God’s mighty hands,



One response to “Things I Love Thursday- Gorgeous Stained Glass Sign

  1. Whoa, that’s really cool! If it’s done right I really love stained glass!

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