How many times can I say “organized”?

This weekend was one of those weekends where you go to bed on Sunday night and sigh a contented sigh over the end of a busy, yet fruitful time.

Hubs blew my socks off on Saturday.

While I had Ms. Firecracker (10) at gymnastics practice, and then off to a birthday party hosted by an amazing family, he was here cleaning out both sides of that mess we called a garage.  I drove up to a garage that is now organized, properly stacked, trash thrown away, swept and vacuumed!  Such a great honey he is!

Ms. Firecracker (10) and I were blessed to attend a birthday party with an amazing family.  Their daughter is an Optional as well.  We were welcomed into their home as if we were old, dear friends.  Such beautiful hearts for God.  We spent 2 hours amongst the laughing, the food, the playful banter, the fun and feeling as if we were among family.  Have you had one of those experiences?   Amazing, aren’t they?

Now, Mr. Muscles isn’t the only one to accomplish fantastic feats of organization.  I tackled our closet.

Our closet is so much more than a closet for Mr. Muscles’ and my clothing.  It is my soap closet, it is where I keep Ms. Dimples’ (18 mo) clothing, I store my boxes of pictures in there, gift bags, gifts I have purchased for others and so much more.   It was an adventure and half for Mr. Muscles to get to his clothing.  LOL- I shall miss that.  *wink*

I cleaned, organized, tossed and revamped.  He can now stroll way too easily to his clothing.  😀  I am still trying to get him to build some shelving for my soaps.  They are starting to take over!

We can round off our weekend with laundry folded and put away, outside toys organized, several more boxed unpacked, computer desk cleaned off, kitchen thoroughly cleaned, the last of our camping tubs cleaned out and put away, and a good chunk of the living room toys are better organized.

Geez, can I say organized any more?  LOL- but it is such a GOOD word!

I am hoping to continue this trend through the week.  🙂

How about you?  Productive, relaxing or fun-filled weekend?

Always in God’s hands,



2 responses to “How many times can I say “organized”?

  1. I had a relaxing weekend basking in God’s amazing son :0) Was at a laides conference all weekend. though I missed my hubby and kids terribly, I did enjoy the very non-busy weekend I had.

  2. Lucky lady! We moved in August. Now we’re still ploughing through the boxes of non-essentials. I try to do one every evening, but it doesn’t always happen! Very jealous of your organization!
    Quick question, what’s an “Optional”?

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