It Costs HOW MUCH?!

Our family was blessed this summer with a real family vacation.   Usually, we spend our vacation visiting family in one state or another, or we use it to work around the house, move or whatever is happening at the moment.

This year we decided we were going to escape and just play.   Here:  

When does next year’s vacation planning begin?  Just as soon as you get back from this year’s!!  LOL

Will we be taking a vacation back to the beach?  I wish.  We are hoping to get back sometime next year.

This coming year we will be visiting family friends in the great white north.  We are planning on stopping at some historical and fantastic places on the drive up.  You know, take our time and enjoy the drive.  We pass so many intriguing places.  No marathon driving this coming vacation!


All of this planning brought about an excellent lesson for the kids.  

The cost of vacations!

To help them understand the cost of a vacation for us we sat down and figured out a few numbers.

Gas round trip:  $500

Hotel:  $150-$250 (depending on how often we stop for a night)

Food:  $250

Souvenir and sight seeing:  $200- $300 (depending on what we decide to do while there.  Waterparks are expensive!)

Just in case money:  $100

All for a grand total of:  $1100- $1400.

They were in shock.  Then again, so was I!  LOL

Their suggestion on what to do next?  This:






I would like to introduce you to our savings jars!  These are very easy to come by around here.  We go through one of these every 1-2 weeks.

One is for our big vacation, and we added one for a weekend beach getaway as well.

The whole family has been contributing to these funds.  I am hoping to show them that through saving what you can and planning ahead can accomplish.

You are never to young to learn about frugalness and saving money!






Every time I walk passed those jars I just picture myself on the beach and enjoying another vacation with our family.

*Here is what I am picturing!*

Blessed by God,



2 responses to “It Costs HOW MUCH?!

  1. love it!
    I’m so happy y’all are sharing the costs and the savings with the kids! That’s wonderful.

    We love vacationing on our beach!

  2. Great idea! We took our first week long family vacation this past summer. We are already planning for next summer and worried about money.

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