Ewww! Where’s the vacuum?

I don’t know what’s happening at your house, but here in the deep south Fall is arriving.  There are just necessary Fall things that you must do.  There is the whole clothing issue.  That is a post in and of itself that I am working on.  Please contain your excitement!   It will be ready soon enough.  *grin*

There is also Fall cleaning.  It is the counterpart to Spring cleaning.  It happens because as I am moving items around to decorate for Fall, and I will take a few moments to wipe everything down as I go through.

Then, there is that matter of the “fan switch”.  You know.   This is where you go around the house and switch all of the fans to the counter-clockwise position.   This is supposed to help circulate the warm air around the room instead of it hanging around at the ceiling  while your tootsies are freezing down at the floor.  It is also supposed to save you money, and if you are talking about saving money, you are speaking my language!

That is when it happened.  I walked around and turned off the fans in several rooms.  As I went through to flick the little switch I looked up.  I couldn’t help but yell out, “Ewww!  Where’s the vacuum?”.   So, do you know what I saw?  Yeah, I know you do.  Admit it!  You can’t tell me you don’t!  There was enough dust hanging on there to smother an unsuspecting child as they walk underneath the fan.

Warning!!!  Do not scroll down further if you have a weak stomach!

Here are 2 examples…

See how much I let you in?  LOL

After a little vacuuming, a little wiping, a little tightening of the fan blades, and finally, flicking the switch, the fans are ready to keep that warm air moving throughout the house.   See how straight and shiny it is?  Yay!

Now onto the part I like so much more……………. decorating for Fall!  I will be snapping away to share with you.  Will you?  If you write a blog post about how you decorate for Fall, let me know!  I wanna see!

In God’s mighty hands,


For more great tackles with Tackle It Tuesday visit 5 Minutes for Mom!  There are always lots of great ideas and inspirations.


3 responses to “Ewww! Where’s the vacuum?

  1. I turned the fan on in the living room the other day and the girls started singing….it’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing!

    • yestheyareallmine

      LOL- I have heard that before myself. See how great we are as moms? The little joys that we give our children! 🙂

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