That moment it is different….

Each of my pregnancies has been different, yet always with familiarities.  Little things that tie my pregnancies together.

No matter the pregnancy there is always one moment that is the same.  The moment it is different.

At first, I don’t feel pregnant.  What I feel is tired, nauseated and worn down.  The smell or thought of food sends my stomach reeling.   I wake up feeling as if I just went to sleep.  I can’t make it through stupid commercials without tearing up.

Then, there is that moment.  It could be 14 weeks, it could be 16 weeks, or it could even be 18 weeks along.

Pregnancy takes on a whole new feeling.  It takes on the pregnant feeling.

The things that define pregnancy begin to take shape.  I start to actually look pregnant instead of just bloated.  You can see the roundness of my belly through my shirts enough to know that I am expecting.

I can feel baby move.  At first it is just flutter.  The flutter then starts to get stronger, and it feels more and more like pushing, punching and kicking.  I can just imagine baby in there reaching out arms and legs to turn, adjust, and maybe even a little Tae Bo.  *wink*

Sitting up is no longer the same.  It is not yet the roll-to -the side or get-hubs-to-pull-you-up kind of struggle.  It just takes a little more effort.  Maybe a little push up with one arm.

When I turn sideways to sneak past something, it is no longer very helpful.

Carrying things is different.  Whatever I am carrying either has to go above or below my belly.  There is no room to carry it right in front.  Not to mention it is just plain uncomfortable!

I am finally at the point in pregnancy were I feel good.  Some days I even feel great!!  I have a lot more energy.  I am sleeping more comfortably.  I am enjoying the feeling of baby doing the Two-Step.  Or, maybe it is the Jive.  You never know about these things.

I am now at the end of 19 weeks and heading into week 20.

This week baby is now about 10 1/2 oz and is somewhere around 10 inches from head to heel.

Thursday is THE ultrasound.  We shall secure a due date and find out what we are having.

So, will we have a boy or girl?

Right now we have 1 boy and 6 girls.  Young Man (11) is #2 of 7.  Which means that we have had 5 little girls in a row.   Will that streak continue?

So what do you think?  Boy or girl?

Through Christ,



3 responses to “That moment it is different….

  1. Hmmm, well, I’m probably guessing it’ll be another girl, but I bet you might like another boy just to even things out a wee bit! 😉

  2. Congratulations! I missed that you were pregnant again – how exciting! I’m hoping for a boy with you, but we all know that a baby girl will steal your heart no matter how many there are in a row. I just feel sympathy for your son, mine feels vastly outnumbered by just three little sisters. :^)

  3. BOY!!!! At least I hope so 😉

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