WFMW- In 3……..2……..1……..Go!


This past spring I was introduced to Flylady.

Now, I had heard of her, and just as quickly dismissed her, years ago.  I mean I was literally introduced to Marla Ciley at the Ft. Benning Women’s Conference, and the woman changed my life!  She is wonderful.  She even had me admitting all kinds of weird stuff.

Yes, I do refold the towels my family folds.

Yes, I will go back and arrange the pillows and throws on the couch after a child “helps me out”.

Yes, I do go back and reload the dishwasher after one of my big kids loads it.

Sad.  I know.

One of the best things she teaches about is the timer.  Just a plain egg timer.  I am amazed at what I can get done in a short 15 minutes.  What is better than that?  How much the kids are into Flylady but especially the timer, that’s what!

I simply grab my timer, set it for 5 minutes, and challenge them to accomplish as much as they can in their assigned areas in that time.  The three year old up to the thirteen year old accept the challenge and are so proud of how much they get done.

Who knew kids could get so fired up about cleaning just from hearing me say, “3 …… 2 …… 1 …… GO!”.

Timers and kids excited about cleaning Works For Me!

Fully Relying on God,



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2 responses to “WFMW- In 3……..2……..1……..Go!

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I, too, have noticed my kids do better with a short focused burst of cleaning. The Flylady helped me a lot a few years ago. I’ve also enjoyed Large Family Logistics.

  2. I even take this approach myself sometimes – at the end of the evening, all the kids are in bed and I’m ready to crash. I glance at the clock – decide I’m going to work for X amount of minutes – get as much done as I can and then FINALLY put my feet up. Because really we do have to stop at some point, right?? 🙂 I do like this idea for kids too – will have to try that!

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