Searching…… Searching…… Searching…… There I am!!!

I have found myself doing a little soul searching.  Blog soul searching, that is.  I know what you are saying, “Rhen, didn’t you just take an 8 month break from blogging?  What in the world are you searching for?”.  In a word- me.  Me, as a blogger.


What really made me stand back and take notice is my blogroll.  I was going through it to check up on blogs that I had not visited in months, and I found that so many of them haven’t had a new post since May or July or August.  They were big bloggers.  They had hundreds, if not thousands, of readers per day.  I took a little time to read their last few post,s and each time I came to the same conclusion.  They got burned out.  They got so far from what drew them to blogging, they worked so hard for their audience that their blogging wasn’t for or about themselves anymore.


The same thing happened to me, albeit on a smaller scale.  LOL.  I averaged 200-250 readers per day, not thousands, but I found myself writing more and more trying to win more readers that I stopped writing because I enjoyed it.  I stopped writing about my thoughts, life, ideas, failings and all of the things that make me ME.


What does this mean for my blog?  It means that if you are coming here to read my writings you will be reading about our family.  We are a family who is trying hard to live a simpler, less cluttered life.  We are a family who homeschools but has many friends who use either public schools or private schools to educate their children and the world is still spinning!  We are a family who puts God first in everything we do.  We are a family that is active, on-the-go, and always looking for a great adventure to take together.


Those are just a few descriptions of our family.  I hope you will come back to read up on our adventures.  I hope you will enjoy and be uplifted by what you read.  I hope you will share your thoughts and experiences with me (and my readers).


I am working on a new post now.  It is so very much in line with my refocus of my blog here.  🙂  Stay tuned for …………………. Foo!   Yes, I said ………………… Foo!

All by the grace of God,


PS- I have to add that I am very grateful to a few of my favorite blogs that were still going strong and true!  (Stephanie, you rock!)


3 responses to “Searching…… Searching…… Searching…… There I am!!!

  1. This is exactly what I read blogs for anyway! Yeah, there are the occasional giveaway blogs that I have in my reader, but the ones that I read first every day are the personal ones. People who have the gift of writing (that I never claim to!) that share their life with us!

    • yestheyareallmine

      Yay! Real works for me, and I am glad to know it works for some of my readers as well. LOL Is it okay if I throw in a giveaway now and then? You know, just because. 🙂

  2. I spent a lot of time writing and reading blogs after I lost Audrey, while Hunter was attending public school. I made a lot of great friends via Blogs. I did find that I needed the writing and reading less and less as time went on. For me, my blogging life was a time of healing.

    I still find myself wanting to write, but I can’t seem to “find” time and when I do “find” time, I sit down and stare at the computer screen, drawing a complete blank. I find myself wanting to share, but not wanting to as well. Eh. I guess I’m just a complete dichotomy…

    I will continue to follow you, though, since I can’t catch up anymore at MNOs. 😦 I love hearing what you and your many blessings are doing!

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