Looking for a little old and a little new.

One of the many changes we have had over the past many months is a new computer.  We have gone Mac, and we will never go back!  LOL

The problem is that I have lost all of my feeds to my favorite blogs.   I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE IN BLOGLAND!!!!!

*Ahem*  Would you help me out by commenting with a link to your blog and to a favorite or two of yours?  Pretty please?  :O)

I am hoping to rediscover old favorites and add a few new ones in there as well.  I am ready to make some new connections and catch up with old blog friends.

Waiting for recommendations!



4 responses to “Looking for a little old and a little new.

  1. Glad you are back! I always enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to again. Congrats on your new pregnancy!

  2. Hmmm, blogs I like… Moosh in Indy: http://mooshinindy.com/
    Metropolitan Mama: http://metropolitanmama.net/
    Sandier Pastures: http://www.sandierpastures.com/
    The Diaper Diaries: http://thediaperdiaries.net/
    It’s Almost Naptime!: http://itsalmostnaptime.blogspot.com/
    Antique Mommy: http://antiquemommy.com/
    Scribbit: http://scribbit.blogspot.com/

    Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Hey Rhen! It’s me.

    Did you used to read Enjoy the Journey? Lindsey is home and blogging again.

    Other links are on my blog. :^)

  4. I have a bunch on my bloggie 😉

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