What? You didn’t know I was sucked into a black hole?

You didn’t get the memo?  Yikes!

Actually, I did not intend to take a hiatus.  It just happened.

What happened?  Let’s see.  New job for hubs.  Moved to a different state.  Had to move all of our crap to storage.  Took forever to find a house to rent.  Moved all of our crap again.  New gym for our competitive gymnast.  New pregnancy.   We took our first true family vacation in the middle of it all.  Unpacking.  Wondering why we have half the things we do.  More unpacking.  Exploring our new area.  Visiting family.  Family funeral (this one sucked big time!).  New school year.

Those are a few of the highlights.   It seems as though life has been a whirlwind and time passed by so quickly.  It doesn’t feel like it has been months and months.

So many things to catch you up on.  So many blog ideas swirling in my head.

Now the only question is, do I jump back in with both feet and do a namblopo thing, or do I dip my toes and ease in like the first swim of the season in a chilly pool?

Stay tuned!



8 responses to “What? You didn’t know I was sucked into a black hole?

  1. Wait, wait, wait….new pregnancy? You’re pregnant again now?! My #5 is due in December!

    • yestheyareallmine

      LOL- Yes, new pregnancy. Baby #8 is due in February. The BIG ultrasound is Oct. 7th. Then we will find out if the girl streak (5 in a row) ends or continues! Congratulations Carrie! I’ll bet your little man is getting so big and growing by leaps and bounds. Our Ms. Dimples is now almost 18 months old and is trying her hardest to keep up with her siblings.

      • So excited for you! My first thought was actually, “wonder if she’ll have another girl”!
        Yes, my little man is not so little. He’s almost 16 months old and such a big mess!…ALL BOY!
        So cool we have growing tummies together again!

  2. Hi, Rhen! Wow – you win the “life’s been crazy” award. :^) Look forward to hearing all about the new things in your life.

  3. Nice to see you around again! Congratulations on the newest member coming into your family!! I am 6 days away from delivering our 6th. I’m scheduled for a section on the 1st of Oct. You have had a crazy few months – blogging is great, but never priority. Do it when you can. 🙂

  4. Wow, I wondered what happened… now I know! We’ve had a crazy few months too, but nothing like yours!
    Bought a house over Christmas (while we were out of town no less!) moved at 7 1/2 months pregnant.
    Had baby #2 (who is now 6 months old!).
    Spent our summer vacation with family. Had one Grandfather die and possibly said good bye to a Grandma (we live out of state).
    Hubby switched schools.
    In my own house with space I finally can can… and have a whole corner to show for it, woo hoo! No one’s gardens seemed to do so well this year, but we’ve gotten cheap and free produce from various sources to make up for it!
    Welcome back! Give us the details when you have time!

  5. Happy you are back! One complaint… I get your feed in my reader and now I only get partial. Could you go back to full feed???

    • yestheyareallmine

      I didn’t change how my feed goes out. Did you adjust your reader? I will still go and check my settings though. On the bright side, with a partial you can to here to finish reading and share a comment with me. LOL

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