Thirsty Thursday- Book Groups

     I realize that when most people think of “book club” they think of it as for adults, but kids love book clubs, too!

     This came to me during one of our weekly trips to the library.   Our family often meets other homeschoolers at the library for a little visiting, field trip planning, curriculum discussing and chatting.  

     While there, several of my kids were talking with other kids about their favorite books.  They came to me to help them start a book group for them.  

     The group is made up of boys and girls who are grades 4 through 7.   Each week they suggest and vote on a book to read.  Sometimes the library will have several copies, sometimes it is a book several of us already have at home, and sometimes the kids share the book.   The kids have even been known to each take a different book in a series, read it, and then they all talk about the book they read.  It gets the others interested in reading more of the series.

     When they get together the next week they talk about what they thought of the book.  They talk about who liked it and why, who didn’t like it and why, what their favorite parts were, and anything else that stood out to them. 

     We adults often like to ask them questions as well.  It is very interesting to hear their interpretations.  They have a lot to say when given the chance.   Asking them questions gets them thinking a lot more about the story, it’s characters and style.

     This age group was chosen because of who was interested.  It can be changed to fit the interest in your own area. 

     We found that the kids look forward to reading even more when they know they will get to share it with their friends.  There is a lot of laughter, encouragement and fun that goes on! 

     We have one child that is a big reader.  She reads all the time.  This club allows her to suggets and share many of her favorites.  We have another child that likes to read, but often is not sure of what he wants to read.  Others’ suggestions pique his interest in different books.  We also have one that tolerates reading.  It is not physical enough for her, but the book group does get her reading a lot more because she does it with friends. 

     I love how it is not only reaching each of them where they are at, but also letting them share that with friends. 

     Do you have something education-related you want to share?   Write about it, and link up with others at The Five J’s.  

God bless,



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