Things I Love Thursday- Snow

     I really do love snow.  Especially the snow that falls here in the south.  Just enough to make a sad-looking snowman, some snow cream, and then it melts.  lol 

Here are a few pics of the snow when it started earlier today.

And for those of you who think I am just a southern girl who does not know what real snow is:

This is me, 9 months pregnant and walking our property we had in WI.

     So, do you TILT?  Join in the fun at The Diaper Diaries!

God bless,



8 responses to “Things I Love Thursday- Snow

  1. Oh I love snow… BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!
    I lived 8 years of my childhood in Alaska – a winter wonderland. I love it falling, love it sparkling in sunlight, l love snow angels.

  2. Great photos! I love snowy photos, especially with trees 🙂 What camera do you use for your photos?

  3. Our snow tends to be light like your first photos (which is what we’re getting right now.) Sadly, I missed the blizzard a couple of weeks ago when I got snowed in up in Philadelphia 🙂 Great pictures!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! And I am glad you know what “real” snow looks like. You southerners cracked me up last week with your tweets about snow. We were getting dumped on up here 🙂

  5. Rhen, I am so happy you found my blog. I think I found yours right after I started mine, but then lost thw way to get back. I love your snow pictures and the one of you walking through the snow is very pretty.
    I really enjoy the snow, for a little while, I love the pure clean look of a new snow and seeing the drifts as they pile up. It all goes together to show us the absolute beauty of God’s creation and of HIS power.
    Thanks again for finding me, and I hope you will stop by often.

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