Things I Love Thursday

     I was sitting on the couch this morning, drinking my heavenly WFMW tip (oh yum!), when I was inspired about my Things I Love Thursday post.

     I love my teapot! 

     I love to hear it whistle at me.

     Isn’t it adorable?!

Hot tea, hot chocolate and even that fake, freeze dried coffee hubs likes to drink! 

Most of all I like the whistling.  😉 

It takes me back to when I was little.  My mom had a whistling teapot that she loved to hear whistle. 

If I could afford $155.00 for a teapot I would get this beauty.

This one is a little more economical at $100.00

But for now I will just enjoy the come hither whistle of my sweet little teapot!

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5 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Cool! I think we would call that a kettle. For us a tea pot is only for making tea.
    Of course, we drink so much tea that we all have very unromantic electric kettles. Although I have a few American friends who have held out with kettles that go on the hob, but it takes so long for most of them to boil, it’s easier to walk to the nearest coffee shop!
    But very, very pretty, nonetheless!

  2. I love my teapot too! I have loved tea since spending some time in China. Even the taxi drivers there carry around their hot green tea (in a jar, of course)!

  3. I have found what a difference a kettle makes- I used to make tea or hot chocolate in the microwave!

  4. Oh how I love whistling tea kettles. LOVE them. And your pics here are so pretty. I collect teapots, and if I had my druthers, I’d be collecting teakettles too. =)

  5. We use and electric kettle now since my hubby switched to a french press to make coffee, but I love teapots. There is just something about them.

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