You Capture! Lines

     This week’s focus for You Capture! was “lines”.

     My first thought was of the lines on my face, but then I again, I am not going there!


     I found these lines on the reading board at the library.

     I colored in the lines.

     Ms. Giggles (2) colored outside of the lines.

     I try to stay to the right of the lines.

     I try to fill in these lines.  This is my new prayer journal.  These lines are just waiting to be filled with prayers, praises, thanksgiving, questions and blessings.

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God bless,



19 responses to “You Capture! Lines

  1. I love your prayer journal! What a wonderful thing to do! I need to start one too. I am so glad we are able to bring our prayers to God and see how He works!

  2. Wonderfully done! I colored this week, too. It was pretty fun!

  3. Lovely lines! I’m all about a good coloring book

  4. Great shots…the road picture is amazing!

  5. That’s a great mixture of different lines. It was quite a fun topic – so many possibilities.

  6. Great post! Love the coloring pictures with the in-line coloring and the cute outside-the-lines coloring! And there is nothing better than the fresh, crisp pages of a new journal. May it be filled with many praises and answers to prayer!

  7. I’m buying my new prayer journal and my yearly calendar shortly. I LOVE fresh lines. WOO!

    Great shots!

  8. Cute photos! Good job! 🙂

  9. Great captures! I had the idea of doing the lines in the road but I didn’t get around to it. Well done!

  10. Wonderful captures! I love brand new journals…there’s just a world of possiblity in the blank pages.

  11. Great pictures!! I love coloring too, never out grew it:)

  12. Wonderful shots! Love all the different takes on the theme. 🙂

  13. Oooh, love them all, but mostly the prayer journal. Great idea!

  14. I love that one in the middle of the street. There’s something so peaceful about an empty road.

  15. Wonderful! I love the coloring shots and the prayer journal just waiting to be filled.

  16. Mary at Musingsofthesixties

    I love the subjects and perspectives that you’ve chosen for your lines photos but most importantly every photo is so beautifully done. Very impressive!

  17. i love the coloring shots – great captures!

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