You Capture! My Happy Story

     This week Beth had us focusing our lenses on what makes us happy.  Oh my goodness, that was much harder than I thought.  I spent quite a while trying to decide, but a trip to our library and our 2 year old brought this theme into focus for me.  🙂  Thank goodness for camera timers!

     Shhhh!  Be vewy, vewy quiet.  I’m hunting Ms. Giggles (2).

     Hmmm, nothing yet…

     I think I spot something………

     Oooo, clever girl………

     You can run, but you can’t hide……


     Next week’s assignment is “lines”.  My first thought was those little things appearing around my eyes.  Nah!  Not going there.  LOL  🙂  This will be a fun challenge.  Wanna join in?  Grab your camera and start clicking!

     For more You Capture! pop over to I Should Be Folding Laundry

God bless,



3 responses to “You Capture! My Happy Story

  1. I never think to take my camera to the library. I must say all those books make me happy too!

  2. What great shots! Dominic, my youngest, LOVES the library.

  3. Libraries are my happy place! Great captures!

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