Wait for it! The art of gift giving torture.

     Being a somewhat large family we have a lot of birthdays around here.  🙂 

     While we do not do the gigantic, expensive, over-the-top parties, we do however, try to make each birthday as individual and unique as our children.

     Some of the birthdays we have done:  a birthday sleepover,  bowling and dinner out for the family and a guest the birthday boy/ girl invited along, a trip to the zoo and dinner out for the family and a guest the birthday boy/girl invited along, costume party for 2 or 3 friends and their families, a cookout, a trip to the lake and take along a guest or 3 chosen by the birthday boy/ girl, and a party with family. 

     This year Young Man (11) wanted a camping expedition for his birthday celebration.  So, we invited his grandparents, who brought 2 of his cousins, and the whole family went camping for 3 days and 2 nights.  It was wonderful.   We took the birthday cake and gifts with us.  There was hot chocolate by the fire, time exploring the woods, playing with new friends made at the campground, fishing, and crisp morning warming by the fire. 

     Usually we just give the kids their presents all at one time after we have cake.  For Young Man’s (11) birthday I changed things up a bit.  When he got up I gave him one gift that morning.  A little while later I gave him another one.  We did that all day switching with his grandparents so they could give him theirs as well. 

     It was a great way of stretching out the birthday celebration all day long.  Instead of opening several gifts at once and not really being able to enjoy each one, he was able to take the time to use or play with each gift. 

     His grandparents gave him a nice set of binoculars that he used to go exploring with his cousin.  Those boys spotted everything out there.  Mr. Muscles and I gave him an Air Hogs Helicopter that the boys dive bombed each other with. 

     I much prefered this way giving gifts.  🙂

     Ms. Independent (4) will be having a birthday in January, and I am thinking of a birthday gift scavenger hunt for her.  Each gift will have a card with it that has a picture hint of where her next gift is.  I can start the day with a small gift when she gets up and move onto to the scavenger hunt as the day goes on.   That is as far as I have gotten on her planning so far.  *grin*

     Ms. Serious (12) will be having a birthday in March and is already planning hers.  We have a 70’s themed sleepover in the works.  Complete with tie-dye cake, making tie-dye shirts and way too much talking and giggling.  Would love your input on more things to do and use in this 70’s themed birthday.  So, what do you think?  Got any suggestions?

     How do birthdays work in your house?  Do you have any interesting traditions to pass on? 

     Love to hear them!

God bless,



5 responses to “Wait for it! The art of gift giving torture.

  1. Birthday in March???? I think I should be invited since we share a month 😉

    I love the ideas!!!!!! You should do hair too…braids, curls, the farah fawcett do 😉 And in March or April Kris and I are going to have a joint party complete with limo, bowling, karoke and such….wishing you were closer!!

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  3. Oh the scavenger hunt is such a great idea! My father-in-law did that for his sons and it’s one of my husband’s favorite memories to this day. 🙂

  4. Oh, and one of my favorite birthday parties (I think I was 14?), my 5 best girlfriends came over for a sleepover. Very lowkey, but one of the older girls from my church came over and taught us to do facials (she was in beauty school) and that was a blast.

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