Tough Noogies Baby!

     Are you looking for a witty and funny story that ends with the punch line……..”because I have 7 children”?

     Are you looking for some monumental piece of parenting advice I have learned over the years of herding cats raising a gaggle of kids?

     Are you looking for some photo shots of the wierd and quirky things my tribe of children do?


     Too busy for that.


     But that is okay. 

     I am working on a post about why I hate the color pink.  Riveting stuff!  Mark your calendars! 

     On the bright side hubs and I have recently made some pretty big decisions that will greatly simplify my life so I can write regularly again.  Writing, after all, is my way of “expressing myself”.    I could use my tush to create paintings, or maybe use garbage to build mini cities, but that just really isn’t me. 




One response to “Tough Noogies Baby!

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Use your tush….you are too funny! Am interested in your dislike of pink….it’s one of my faves, but didn’t used to be.

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