You Capture! Whatever I want.

     Beth has given us the ole Whatever You Want assignment for this week’s You Capture!

     I can so totally do that.  🙂

     My inspiration came at the place where I spend hours and hours and hours every week.

     The Gymnastics Center.

     Our Ms. Firecracker (9) is a USAG 5/ Prep Opt so that means almost 13 hours of practice a week.  It is almost an hour drive there and an hour back.  I spend a great deal of time with this whole gymnastics thing.

     Blessedly we have fantastic coaches who let me take my camera into the work area and snap away! 

     PS- I love listening to our coaches speak in Russian.  I can’t understand a word they are saying, but I love to hear it anyway. 

     Here is some of the equipment the gymnasts (boys and girls ages 4-18) train and compete on.

The boys’ pommel horse

The boys’ rings

The girls’ uneven bars

The girls’ balance beam.  It is amazing what they can do with just 4″ to stand on.

The vaulting table

The boys’ parallel bars

The boys’ high bar

Every gymnast leaves his or her mark(s) all over the gym!

Chalk everywhere.

      While you are here, I invite you to read a post or two, leave a comment, and maybe come back Monday for an awesome giveaway sponsored by Poeima Place/ Danielson Designs.

     For more You Capture! pop over to I Should Be Folding Laundry.  While you are there say a prayer for Beth and her family.  The flu has invaded their house.




21 responses to “You Capture! Whatever I want.

  1. Very cool perspective shots!

  2. Love your background! *wink wink* And I have a budding gymnast who attended her first meet last month and has one scheduled for next week! She is almost USAG 4. I love your perspectives on the gym!

  3. I love the shot taken down the balance beam!

  4. I love the balance beam shot!

  5. Oh back in the day I used to be able to flip around on those uneven bars. What great memories!

  6. The footsteps are great!

  7. Great shots…I bet you have so much fun there!

  8. Great pictures. Takes me back. I used to be a gymnast! 🙂

  9. Love all the angles on these great shots! With you on that thin little bar. I can barely stand on something that narrow let alone do flips on one. I am amazed every time I see it done.

  10. Great shots of something that makes me remember my childhood. Great times! Can’t wait to get my little girl involved in some gymnastics.

  11. I am amazed at what can be accomplished with all of that equipment, wow!

    Great shots! 🙂

  12. These are really incredible shots! I love the angles and close-ups. You really see the equipment in a different light. Beautiful photos!

  13. great shots & interesting perspective….love the balance beam shot!

  14. Mary at Musingsofthesixties

    Very interesting perspectives on a great variety of gymnastic equipment. I enjoyed every photo.

  15. Oh wow. That’s some admirable dedication you have as a Gymnastics mom! And some great shots too. (Brings back memories from my days as a gymnast….long ago in the days of yore.) 🙂

  16. I love the footprints at the end. I always have such admiration for gymnasts.

  17. I love the perspectives you have going on in these shots! Awesome!

  18. I love it. Great perspectives! Wonderful job.

  19. I love your name. so pretty. How many do you have that makes people ask that? : )

  20. Those were pretty cool pictures!
    I have a friend from Russia and I like the way he talks too!
    Have a Beautiful day!

  21. Great shots! I love the footprints!!

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