Power grocery shopping. Who knew?

    I have very recently started what I refer to as power grocery shopping.  That is the grocery shopping that involves planning, stealth, patience, pen, paper, flyers, coupons and most importantly- the absolute will to save money.  Who knew deal hunting could be so addicting?!   Dear Gayle inspired me to take up the challenge of power grocery shopping.

     I love to save money.  I clip and print coupons when I can find them.  Honestly, printing is the easiest.  Most of what we use is natural or organic, and finding coupons for those items usually happens online. 

     I already buy on sale and have even started planning my menu based on sale items.  That has saved a pretty penny.       Now I have implemented the might of power grocery shopping.  My main targets are Ingles and Kroger.   Sometimes Walgreens or CVS enter the fray when the savings are too great to resist. 

     My MO is easy.  Wednesdays are our library days.  I take all the sales papers I have gotten in the mail, my list of stuff we are low on and my pen and notebook to the library with us.  On the way there I will pick up an Ingles flyer as they do not mail them out. 

     Next, I commandeer a whole table by the kids’ computers to spread everything out.  This lets me pour over all of the flyers to find what items we need that they have on sale.  Then I make my lists.  One for Ingles and one for Kroger.  I divide my grocery list between them depending on what is on sale.  I make any adjustments to my weekly menu, check for coupons that can be used and prepare the troops for attack. 

     Has all of this worked?  I can answer with a resounding YES!

     In the two weeks (two grocery shopping trips) I have been doing this I have saved over $65.00 and brought home a significant amount more of groceries.  More healthy snacks, more items to send Mr. Muscles to work with, more choices for lunch and even a treat or two.   

     Sometimes I will choose to pick up something at Walgreens or CVS, instead of the grocery store, if the deal is great.  I pass by those stores on almost a daily basis so it is not out of the way or using up gas. 

     Finding better deals, saving more money and getting the most for the money has become a challenge I cannot resist!  The benefit of this is more money in the bank, more food in the kitchen and a great time of deal hunting with the kids.  Got to start them off right!    Ya know, train them to find the best deal. 

     When we storm the grocery stores no deal will escape!!

     Do you hear the call of the deal?

God bless,



2 responses to “Power grocery shopping. Who knew?

  1. I hear the call of the deal! Oh yes! LOL Actually, I just posted today about this.
    I’ve saved some good money lately, doing the same thing you’ve described, only at home instead of the library, and w/ fewer kids. 😉

    Good for you! What a great example you are setting.

  2. Isn’t it amazing that just a little planning and organization makes such a difference? Woohoo! Way to go!

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