Things I Love Thursday- The Beach!

     Recently Mr. Muscles and I had the opportunity to travel down to Panama City Beach, and we jumped at the chance. 

     Ms. Firecracker (9) had an out of state gymnastics competition there.  We went to support her at her meet and to take a little time to enjoy the beach.  With only two of the children with us, it was a lot of quiet time.  LOL  Ms. Firecracker was on the bus with her team, and the four other girls were with Granny and Papaw.

     I found the water to be mesmerizing.   When I look at the pictures I can still see the movement of the water in my mind’s eye.  It was beautiful.  It made me so ready for our beach vacation next year. 

     Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

     I love the sound of the water, the cries of the birds, the softness of the sand and the warmth of the sun.    I love the beach! 

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God bless,



5 responses to “Things I Love Thursday- The Beach!

  1. Great pics. I love the beach too!

  2. oh, yes! water can be so soothing, can’t it?

    beautiful photos!!

  3. These pics are gorgeous. Glad you are back playing TILT 🙂 And the blog looks great!!

  4. Wow, Rhen – those are beautiful! Love the one with the sun.

  5. OK. Now I miss my years in Hawaii. I think I’ll go pout and cry now.

    I am glad, though, that you had the chance to experience such beauty….

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