The Treasure Pocket

     I have a treasure pocket. 

    It is often filled with “gifts” from the children.  Thing like pretty rocks, a flower, or anything else that might catch their eye.   They come running up to me with their new found treasure and wanting a safe place to put it.  That would be my pocket. 

     The top of my dresser is filled with these treasures.  Periodically I will go through and clean it all up.  

      There are things that do not pass the Mom Inspection.  Sorry, but I draw the line at storing some things in my pocket.  Nothing alive, nothing that was alive at one time, nothing that can rot, nothing that is liquid filled, nothing that can poke or cut me, and the like.

     What do they do with these items?  Put them in their own pockets of course.

     Here comes the big difference between myself and the rest of my tribe.  I clean out my pockets.  Small thing to do.  Huge benefits!

     Because of their insane need to keep everything they find, and their inability to clean out their pockets, there is no telling what I will find in either my washer or dryer. 

     My top 5 items I hate finding (in no particular order):

          1.  poo

          2.  shredded kleenex

          3.  something that was alive and moved on its own at one time

          4.  lures

          5.  candy

     A few other things I find on any given day:




          wire nuts (thanks hun! insert eye roll here)

          money- mine now!


          hair clips and/ or bands


          markers, pens, sharpie (thanks for that one too sweetie!)

          a fork

          fishing utensils

          a kid’s sheriff badge



          snack wrappers

           puzzle pieces

           pieces of wire

           and beads

           to name a few.

     Sometimes, when I am moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, I will see a dark lump in the washing machine.  I don’t like that.  There is always that guessing game of What Is It? that you go through.  Then, you have to make the decision of whether or not to grab it, or go find something in the kitchen to use.  I have thankful for a pair of tongs on more than one occasion!

     So, how about you?  Do you have this daily, or weekly, joy?  What is the most interesting thing you have found?  Distgusting?  Share!

God bless,



One response to “The Treasure Pocket

  1. Well, a guy I once dated said his mom told them any money she found in their pockets was her payment for doing their laundry. Took me just once doing that to Hunter for him to learn his lesson.

    The messiest thing I have found is Silly Putty. That jeans pocket was forever orange after that. Candy wrappers, leaves, rocks, sticks, toy soldiers, rubber bands, actual candy, puppy poo, money, dream catcher (key ring size), tissues…. ok. My brain is fried. That’s all I can come up with right now. And to think: I only have one at home leaving these messes 😛

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