Time to tackle that clutter!

     I am getting that crap-closing-in-on-me feeling again. 

     Yeah.  A lot of it probably has to do with a large family in such a small house, but I still feel it.  When I feel it that means it is time to do some cleaning out.  I love cleaning out and organizing.  The kids- not so much.  For some stange reason they just don’t get all giddy at the prospect of pulling everything out of their closets, going through it all and organizing.  Hmmmm.  🙂

     The closests is where I am going to start.  It is time to go through the clothing to get out the stuff that is just too stained, holey and worn out.   Time to get out the cold weather clothes and pack up the warm weather stuff. 

     I dislike doing that.  It means that winter is coming, and it is getting colder.  I don’t like being cold.  Ugh!  

     Anyway, I have about 6 tubs that are now empty after our yard sale, and I am going to repurpose them.  Time to pack up some stuff that I can do without for the time being.  With the house on the market we need to clear out more of the clutter anyway.  The bedrooms, specifically the closets, are in the most need.  I can’t wait to tackle my own closet, but the kids’ closets are first. 

     My kids will be right there with me.  Yep!  Watching every move I make and protesting every item of clothing I put aside to get rid of.  “Mom!  I need that!”  “Don’t get rid of that.  It is my absolute favorite.  So is that.  And that.  And that!”  Too bad!  Clothing can only go through so many girls before it just gets flat worn out. 

     My living room is full of tubs to be packed with stuff.  There are bags at the ready for clothing to donate.  I am ready to tackle it.  The kids are already looking worried.  Their toys will be next.  (Insert evil laugh here)  Charge!

     How about you?   Ever feel like chinking a whole bunch of stuff to get some clutter relief?

God bless,



4 responses to “Time to tackle that clutter!

  1. Gosh I love clearing out clutter.

    I just did the closet clear out and it was sooooo satisfying and I now have a stash of memory filled “fabric” to repurpose into a beautiful big quilt to remember these baby days.

    You are right though, three girls is probably the max most clothing can take (unless its “just for good” but where is the fun in that)

    Enjoy it. Toys are next in our house, Santa can’t bring new things if the old/ baby things are still here.

  2. Hee hee hee . . . I LOVE cutting out the clutter. I’m learning that with my 6 year old, it’s just best to wait until she’s in school and then wade through the clothing. The toys, however, I always make sure she’s helping me out. I’d hate to get rid of something she truly cherishes, but I also want her to feel the joy of giving, to someone less fortunate. And I have a policy of . . . if something new comes into the house, then something old goes out. I’ve only done this for about a year, but it seems to work pretty good. Good luck in your decluttering! 😉

  3. When there is too much clutter around me I get anxious…..and then I NEED to clean. Over the summer, while I was in “getting ready for baby mode” I did ditch alot of stuff. There is still things that could go. I need to go through the kids clothes to see what we need for winter. Temps have dropped pretty fast and it is now already in the 50’s for a high temp. Like you, I don’t look forward to the switch over but it needs to be done.

  4. Hi all.. newbie here, but a seasoned mother of 5 lol.. I too have many bodies and limited space. I have a bit of a gap between my older children and my younger, so I try to reuse as much as I can but it is not easy. I find myself donating much of it to good-will because I just have no room to store everything. Going through and sorting what still fits and what doesn’t is tedious but necessary. The weather is changing so fast.. Can we even count what we had this summer as an actual “Summer”?
    When I try to clean out toys I find that EVERY toy seems to bring out the nostalgia for my kids. They are eager to donate at times but have a hard time parting with their belongings. I find that because I know for the most part what they cherish, I can weed out some things while they are at school… Because I agree, Santa cannot bring new toys until we weed through the rest..

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