You Capture- Red!

     I love red.  It is my favorite color.  So vibrant.  So fun.  Love it!

     When I read that Beth had given us the theme “Red” for this week’s You Capture I laughed out loud. 

     Again, I took way too many pictures to put them all on this post, so I will just share a few of them. 

     Teacher M. and I stopped at a little Italian place this week.  There was an almost endless array of red subjects there.  She was very amused by my need to photograph as many as I could without getting annoyed looks from the staff and other patrons.

Two towns.  Two signs.  The colors are true.

My kids inspired with a little red.

For more You Capture! pop over to I Should Be Folding Laundry and check it out!




3 responses to “You Capture- Red!

  1. Oh my gosh. LOVE love LOVE the jumper. So sweet : ) And I love the straws too. And i always love Coca Cola red! What a great job you did with this challenge!

  2. What a great variety of photos! I like the torso pics and the drinks best.

  3. LOL, I too just *LOVED* the little girl’s jumper and the Coca-cola! Probably because I single-handedly keep Coke in business, it just really creates some serious warm fuzziness for me. What wonderful pictures! I like the scar on the statue of the chef, as well.

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