You Talkin’ To Me?

      How many names do you have?  Me?  You can call me somebody’s mom times 7.  You can call me Mr. Muscles’ wife.  You can call me T (and S’) and K (and N) ‘s daughter.  I am somebody’s granddaughter.  I am A’s sister.  I am all of these people and more.  Now let me ask you again.  How many names do you have?

     I know someone who once complained that she had no identity of her own.  Her identity comes only through the names, or titles, she is given by the relationships in her life.   She sees those names as hiding who she really is.

      I have always felt that it was those relationships that give us our identity.  Without them, who are we?  If I wasn’t a mom, a daughter, a sister, a niece, or a granddaughter then I wouldn’t have any family.  If I wasn’t Mr. Muscles’ wife I wouldn’t be married and have that partner for life.  If I wasn’t someone’s friend it would be a lonely world.  Who would I surround myself with? 

     God gave us these relationships not only to build us up, give us joy and wonderful times, but also to build our relationship with Him. I cannot tell you how many times God has reached out to me through my husband, my family, my friends or someone who only knows me through an organization I volunteer at.  I wonder how many times I have entertained angels because of these relationships.

     My children don’t suppress who I am.  They add to it.  Being Mr. Muscles’ wife doesn’t hide me.  It makes me that much more important.  Being someone’s daughter or granddaughter doesn’t lessen me.  It gives me roots.  Being a child of God doesn’t tie my hands.  It gives me wings.

      Yesterday I looked around my living room at all of the “stuff” in it.  The “stuff” I have to clean, organize, maintain, reorganize, step over and fix.  I often feel weighed down by them.  Then I looked at my 7 children who were all around me sleeping, playing or doing schoolwork.  They are so much more valuable.  The “stuff” will be eaten by moths, destroyed by rust and time, stolen by thieves or dispersed when I make my leap to Heaven.  I will leave it all behind.  I can’t take it with me.  But.  This is a big BUT.  BUT, the people in my life can go with me.  I can take them.  We can all be together again.   The relationships God has developed in my life will continue on.  They not only build me up, make me shine, love me, support me, keep me safe and bring my happiness, they also hold the proof and promise of God’s love. 

     I answer to many names.  If you are one of the people in my life who help me to be me through our relationship, thank you.  You mean a lot to me!

God bless,


One response to “You Talkin’ To Me?

  1. Love this! And I totally agree.

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