You Capture! Food

Cake I made.  Chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing.  Oh so good!  🙂

Super rich Chocolate Cake from Taco Mac’s.


I can taste it now.  Mmmmm!

We hit Taco Mac after Ms. Firecracker’s meet Sunday afternoon.  First trip there.  Food was great!  Service was not so great.  In their defense, our team was quite a large group.   The 2 1/2 waitresses they gave us was not enough for 60+ people.

God bless,



7 responses to “You Capture! Food

  1. The cake mmm,mmm yummy!

  2. oh I’ll take one of each please! Great shot of the whip cream!

  3. All that food looks YUMMY!!! Especially the chocolate cake : )

  4. W – O – W. U made me hungry.

  5. OK Rhen! A day without Rhen is a day without sunshine…………………..!

  6. See, now I’m hungry!

  7. 2 1/2 waitress for 60 people?!?!?! That is sooo shorthanded but it looks like you guys had some great food, making me hungry.

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