You Capture! Peace

     As a mom to seven there are times when I need to be alone for a moment and have a little peace.

     There are two places I like to get away to on our property.

     The first one is my swing.  I can come sit out here for a few minutes and check out the view of our veggie gardens and the mountain we live on. 

     When I need more than just a few minutes I will trek down to the creek.  It is absolutely beautiful and teeming with life.  No telling what you will find down there.

     I have one more picture to share with you.  I would love to be this peaceful when I sleep.  This is our newest little one.  Ms. Dimples- 3 months.

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God Bless,



11 responses to “You Capture! Peace

  1. Beautiful pictures – I love the angle on the first one!

  2. That last one is sooo cute! Very peaceful.

  3. Adorable baby! I love love love the swing, very cool shape of the legs! Glad you have a spot to get away for a few minutes-I’m sure you need it!

  4. What a beautiful place to live.

  5. I love the sleeping babe pic.

  6. You are so lucky to live there and to have Ms. Dimples!

  7. What a peaceful place.

  8. oh Rhen…she’s gotten so big!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pictures, that’s a gorgeous spot you’ve got there!!

  9. Beautiful shots! And beautiful baby!!

  10. Your pictures are very peaceful! I love the sounds that you hear at a creek. Gurgling bubbly water and leaves rustling in the breeze : ) And how sweet is your little baby? Just as adorable as can be : )

  11. She is simply precious. I just love the arm-by-the-head exhausted look she’s sporting. 🙂

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