Things I Love Thursday

Welcome to my TILT post! 

     I love yard sales!  I love having them and going to them.  They are fantastic.  You can find some real treasures at yard sales.  It is a great way of reusing items, reducing waste that goes to dumps and saving money.  Woo Hoo! 

     Why the yard sale talk?  We are having one this weekend.  We have a 5×8 enclosed trailer that is completely full.  We are talking top to bottom and front to back full.  That is not all of the items for our yard sale.  I will be able to fill it at least one more time. 

     I look foward to clearing out the shed and workshop.  We have been working for months going through everything in the house and everything in the shed.  Hard to believe how much stuff we accumulate.  But clearing it out is the first step to getting things more organized.  The whole organization thing is a constant, ongoing battle.  But that is okay.  Everytime I go through something for this yard sale it gets me one step closer to the organized house of my dreams!

     Got any good pointers for our yard sale this weekend?  Would love for it to be absolutely successful.  🙂


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5 responses to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love going but I hate having 😉 Good luck to you!!

  2. I’m like Carrie…I love going but hate having them! Sounds like yours will be a good one!

  3. I love going to rummage sales, thrift stores, bag sales……… I find so many neat items that you can not find anywhere else except maybe on eBay. (I love eBay too) 🙂 And such great deals!!!!!! I really should have a sale myself 🙂

  4. We had two yard sales this summer. AND I keep finding more and more things that I should have put out. I know I should save it for next year and have a yard sale then but I have no place to keep it. So, to the rescue mission it goes.

  5. I had a great sale this summer. I try to have them every year to cut down on clutter. But then I shop them so much that I end up bringing a lot more home. Oops 🙂

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