“What is this?” Answer and Winner

     Here is a picture of the “before” and “after”.  LOL

     We found the melted one under the stove top.  UNDER IT! 

     My best guess is that while myself and Ms. Serious (12) were cleaning under the stove top, Ms. Giggles (2) put the brush there when we were not looking.  How we didn’t see it when I closed the top of the stove I don’t know. 

     Great guesses everyone!!  No one was able to guess correctly so I am just going to use random.org to choose a winner from everyone who took a guess.

     And the winner is:  #17 Pamela

     Congrats!  I have emailed you. 

God bless,



4 responses to ““What is this?” Answer and Winner

  1. I still think my guess was the best 😉

  2. We had one of those pretend baby bottles that looks like it empties when you tip it get inside our oven once when the girls were little. I’m still not sure if they were the ones who put it there or if it was their littler brother. It didn’t come out looking so great either. Thanks for the fun contest, and congrats to Pamela! I hope she gets a venti White Chocolate Mocha.

  3. Oooo, I bet that smelled lovely!

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