A fiver if you take a guess!

No more guesses this contest is closed!!

Got any guesses as to what it is? 

Leave your guess in a comment. 

Will choose a winner to receive a $5 Starbuck’s GC.   Your fav drink on me!

Whomever gets it correct will win the GC.  If there is more than one person who is correct I will draw one of them as the winner.  If no one is correct I will randomly choose one of the people who made a guess!

I’ll give a heads up when I am ready to close comments.

Have a fabulous day people!



17 responses to “A fiver if you take a guess!

  1. delicious chunks of chocolate

  2. Turquoise in the wild up close and personal with tadpoles swimming across the top.

  3. This wouldn’t happen to be the remains of a grande Java chip that got stuck in the car on a hot day, would it?

  4. part of an animal…reptile of sort?

  5. A Rock? Kind of cool looking whatever it is!

  6. Elephant skin with bugs crawling on it from your trip to the zoo?? Thanks for a fun giveaway.

  7. ohh that would be a close up shot of a fossil from the prehendonistic era, you can see the remains of a 3 toed javasloth and the round little heads of cocoabugs. 😀

  8. I’m going to guess those are Tadpoles stuck in mud 😉

  9. um, all my guesses make me squick.
    so i’m going with squicky modern art.

  10. I’d have to say a fossil but honestly I have NO idea:) Its a good one

  11. I am going to go with abstract art. Very unique!

  12. If it is pottery, count me out. 🙂
    How about rock of some sort? We saw all sorts of strange rock when we were in Hawaii.

  13. the sole of a shoe after a nature hike??

    This has me so curious!!


  14. jewelry that has melted into something? Looks gross!

  15. an oil slick

  16. Are the black things some kind of eggs?

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