You Capture!- Me


I took these two pictures while traveling down very bumpy back roads.   We bounced around so much that it was next to impossible to get the camera to focus on anything.  🙂










     See?  Not much focusing. 

Onto a few other shots.  It really hard to take pics of yourself.  I felt wierd.  LOL



Let’s end with dessert!  I know what you are thinking.  Why such a large straw with your treat Rhen?  Because that bad boy is a grande Java Chip.  I got tired of trying to suck those delicious chunks of chocolate through the little straws.  There I was, enjoying my chunky chocolate goodness and it would be cut off by a piece lodged in the straw.  I had to find and crunch it before I could get back to enjoying my Java Chip.    It was horrible!  Thank goodness for the big, fat straws!  *wink*

For more You Capture!  pop over to I Should Be Folding Laundry and check out the great photos!


4 responses to “You Capture!- Me

  1. I’m hoping that bumpy road was pretty isolated since you don’t have either hand on the wheel while bouncing along! I love them though. And really, a girls gotta get her chocolate…so use that big straw if you have to!

    Edited by Rhen~ LOLOLOLOL Hubs was driving!

  2. Oh how I love Starbucks frappucicnos!!! My favorite is a Double Chocolately Chip. I ALWAYS use the big straw so the little chunks of chocolate can make it through the straw. Wouldn’t want to leave one behind!!! : )-

  3. I like the one of your eyes peeking out on the table!

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