Making your own baby food

     Years and years ago when Ms. Serious, who is now 12 years old, was a baby I made my first attempt at making baby food for her.  Oh my goodness did I mess it up!  I know, I know.  Not my finest moment as a chef or mom, but dang it, I tried!  LOL

     I was completely clueless, and she kept gagging on the chunks that were in my not-so-great homemade baby food.  I hang my head in shame just thinking about it.

     As we had more children I moved up the baby food chain from regular jars of baby food to organic baby food. 

     Now I am feeling like I need to tackle that homemade baby food dream again. 

     A little research showed me just how cost effective it is, as well as how healthy it can be for baby.  The fresher the food the more vitamins and minerals it has.  That is what I am looking for.  Saving money and giving my babies the healthiest start in life I can.

     Ms. Dimples is now 11 weeks old, and I have decided to find out how to properly make our own baby food, other than from my b**bs.  *grin*  I want to be a pro and ready to go when I am ready to start feeding her solids. 



 Oh the yumminess of fresh fruits  for Ms. Dimples to enjoy! 

    And how about those delectable veggies!

     What did I find in my great baby food search?  How about some awesome moms who have shared their experiences, do’s and don’t’s, recipes and tips and tricks.

     Let’s start with Diapers and Dimples.  She has provided us with 3 fantastic posts about homemade baby food.

Post 1- Making Baby Food, Post 2- Recipe Peaches and Cream Oatmeal, Post 3- Recipe Chicken, Rice and Veggies

     From Summer M- Freezing Homemade Babyfood

     Dirty Diaper Laundry- Making Baby Food First Attempt

     Make Baby Stuff- Save Money with Homemade Baby Food

     Wonderful recipes here at –Happy Baby Food

     Let’s not forget a great site with lots of great homemade baby food recipes.

     All of this wonderful info has given me more than enough courage to give this another go.  I am determined here people!  I have to admit that I am also quite excited!  *grin*

     Do you have a homemade baby food post I can link to?  Maybe you have some really great recipes?  Or how about some tips and tricks from your experience?  Let me know and I can add them here with a link to your post.  Let’s share the information wealth!

Fully Relying on God,



5 responses to “Making your own baby food

  1. Sorry I am just making my way over here. I’m catching up late on getting to visit some folks who were kind enough to visit me on WW! I’m a little behind…

    I love the idea of making homemade baby food. You are right…so nutritious and frugal. Win/win. Our next little one is arriving in November so I’ll have to bookmark these articles!

    Thanks for the info and thanks for stopping by!

  2. does ice cream count as homemade baby food???

  3. I am planning on trying to make my own babyfood this week…and I’m gonna be reading all those links!!!

    Now tell me…why haven’t I met you before???

  4. You can SO do this! I did it for my little guy and I’m not all that together. 🙂 I got a used copy of Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron at a baby consignment store and it was a huge help. It tells you how to cook various veggies and what foods at what age are appropriate. is also helpful. I have beef barley soup in the crockpot now for my little boy- basically a beef roast that I cooked, then chopped up, added carrots, dried peas and barley and cooked for a while. I will process in my food processor or use an immersion blender to blend for him, then put in jars and freeze. Good luck!

  5. What a great blog! I made my own baby food for all of my children and I loved it. Once I got good at making it, I couldn’t understand how other moms ever bought food! When you consider how much money you save as well, then it is a great option. I am a mother of 4 and senior editor and creator of Octopus Mom, a parenting website and blog. If you have time, check it out….I would love to get your feedback on ways to improve my site. I want to target other moms like us with multiple children! Thanks and good job on your blog.

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